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955 S. 16th Street
San Diego, CA 92113

User Reviews

Stylist: Lia Telepman, Owner

I was reading the review below and am appalled at it! Lisa has been doing my hair for 8 years and I have crazy curly hair and will not trust anyone else with it. She has always made me look amazing. The reviewer said she used a razor and in 8 years I've never seen Lisa use or even own a razor. I recommend her to all my friends with curly and straight hair. She is the best!! And by the way her haircuts don't cost $160 they are $85 and worth every penny!!!!

Reviewed on 03.10.11

Stylist: Lia Telepman, Owner

I called to schedule an appointment after reading stellar reviews on this place. I specifically asked for a stylist who was familiar with naturally curly hair. At the time, my hair was shoulder length and very healthy with nice spirals, I just needed some shape. Owner Lisa Telepman was my stylist. I explained I wanted to wear my hair natural and just needed some shape around the face and back of my had. She had an employee wash my hair and then proceeded to razor it while wet. My hair didn't spiral until it grew out and I had it cut at a different salon. To top off the bad experience, this haircut cost $160!!

Reviewed on 02.23.11

Stylist: Deidra Cooper

Deidra Cooper should wear a cape and on her uniform where the ‘S’ is on Superman, would be a giant perfect curl because that is what she creates. I came in with sad droopy hair beginning to go into the dreaded triangle/pyramid, I had one funky layer and I knew I need a cut/shape/style. I have been so so so very let down by San Diego hairstylists in the 6 years since I moved that once again semi-reluctantly I starting searching again. I read the raves, and also remembered a friend who told me about her a few years ago, had I only acted then. Deidra transformed my locks into the perfect curly top, they bounce and have definition and look so good in the 4 days since she fit me in (so rad) I have already had 5 people stop me and ask who does my hair, I need to stop by and load up on her cards! She was efficient and is also funny and reasonably priced. I wanted to keep my shoulder length, which she pretty much did and using her own special (invisible as she calls it) layering system she sculpted a masterpiece. The look of relief in finding someone who understands and produces such immediate results was so apparent on my face, she even recognized it. Okay so the neighborhood is a little funky but no more so then downtown, and only street parking so arrive with time, plus there are people in and out all the time so I felt safe for me and my car. Additionally, now that I have washed and styled myself, I have to note that previously I was using globs of products, curl creme, and gel, and then sometimes spray to make my hair just okay thinking I guess my hair needs it, and now, because the cut is so good, I just use a bit of creme and voila! Go see the Amazing Deidra, life will be easier.

Reviewed on 01.27.10

Stylist: Deidra Cooper

Deidra is great with curly hair and with color. She has consistently given me a great cut which I can't say for my previous stylist. I think her prices are very reasonable.

Reviewed on 11.17.09