Erik of Norway-Downtown

Milwaukee , WI 53202

User Reviews

Stylist: Heather

Heather has done such amazing things with my hair, time and time again. I have a ton of very, very curly hair. I have a hard time classifying, but I would say a mixture of 3c/3b? Every cut she has done for me has been outstanding from longer shaped look, to mini fros, to curly bobs. I moved here from NYC years ago and my hair was suffering because I was having a hard time finding a place for my hair. I have been rejected from salons before because of stylists not knowing how to handle my curls so I very cautious of where I go. Heather just embraces cutting my hair. I can honestly say I have not once been dissatisfied. Usually what I do is go have her cut it and then I go home and wet it and use my product and style the curls myself. I just went and chopped my hair off last week. I gave her some pictures of Eva Pigford/Marcelle and she did it to a "T" I loooove it! It looks great both straight and curly now. They also have the best colorist in Milwaukee, so it is a one-stop shop.

Reviewed on 11.23.09