510 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

User Reviews

Stylist: Sura or Sara

I just went to Byu-ti salon this Saturday, and I seriously regret it. I know the review before this says it's a great salon however, my experience was terrible. The receptionists at the salon assured me that the stylist recommended was an expert with curly hair. What a lie! These women no nothing about curly hair. I HAD long, type 2b hair. I asked for some layers to improve the body and movement in my hair. I specified that I only wanted to take off a half inch of hair and that I needed to be able to put it in a ponytail. I definitely did not receive the cut I asked for. Because it was styled and not left to dry naturally I didn’t see how bad the cut was until the next day. I was practically in tears when I looked in the mirror, inches of hair had been taken off. The layers are choppy, irregular and with huge gaps in between. I am now left with a cut that is nothing less than horrible. I’ve requested a refund, especially since I didn’t receive the discount guaranteed on their web page. Now I have to go get a correction from another salon, but not for about two months. I would not recommend this salon even to my worst enemy! Beware ladies, if you want a good salon try Sunset West Coiffures, ask for Eduardo! Unpretentious salon in a nice neighborhood. I’ve been to Eduardo before and he listens to what you want and gives you a quality cut, I don’t know why I strayed. I guess this bad cut is my Karma. Sunset West Coiffures 15119 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca (310) 459-1616

Reviewed on 02.15.10

Stylist: Lesley

A recent DevaCurl convert, my extensive search for the best curl-friendly stylist finally ended with a walk-in?!? to a brand new salon just blocks from my home! An accidental expert at everything from nightmare cuts to expensive yet bland results, I’ve become a pessimistic procrastinator when it comes to hair maintenance. Byu-ti’s “curl expert” and fellow curly girl, Lesley, quickly impressed me in our initial consultation. I LOVED her curls, she easily understood my concerns and certainly put me at ease with her explanation of exactly what she could do for me. Her cutting technique was a brand new experience and the results …PERFECTION! The cut was performed dry, with just a few wet touch ups for evenness/consistency. She was absolutely TOP-NOTCH at correcting years of brassy highlights with a gentle hi & low-light color treatment. Lesley really understood that healthy, low-maintenance, natural-looking curls were my primary goals, and boy did she deliver!

Reviewed on 12.08.06