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Stylist: Thea

Thea has been working at Vidal Sassoon for 25 years. In those years she has become a top stylist and instructor. She has taught at their many Schools in Europe and the US. I have been to numerous hair stylists, Ouidad, Curlisto etc. They are all a disappointment. The difference is that Thea is a technician and an artist. She cuts based on your hair and your face. It is not a cookie cutter cut like the other salons. She spends most of her time on the cut. She spent around 45 min cutting my course, curly nightmare hair into a beautiful wavy mane. I washed it today for the first time since the cut and put a little styling cream and I was done. The shape is beautiful. Thea is brilliant and a true craftsman. She can handle all types of hair; she has clients that have been with her for 20+ years. She is worth every cent! Book an appointment now. You will be so happy with the results!!!!!!!

Reviewed on 12.05.09