Salon Blu

Brier Creek
7854 Alexander Promenade Place
# 120
Raleigh, NC 27617

User Reviews

Stylist: Amy

Went to see Amy today. My daughter wanted a dark blond look and she said since her hair was already dyed it will get damaged. She kept comparing my daughter to her hair which was clearly thicker and darker. I told her four times that the hair has been lighten before nicely she than spoke in cirlces asking me to choose different color and than she said she would not do anything because it would not get lighter and will damage and went on and on about extentions. She said even if her hair was not dyed she would recommend the same thing but she was the one that we spoke to a few months ago that said she thinks the blonde would look great which it did but it was only ombre style(half the hair). Anyway it was such a waste of time. My daughter finally got her hair done somewhere else and got the color she wanted and it looks beautiful. We had to travel 20 minutes but it was worth it. She clearly did not what to do, she did not know what she was doing and and just wasted everyones time. By the way the place looks like it needs a serious cleaning. The chairs are gross , hair everywhere. They seem to need to keep up with getting the place look presentable. Awfull place do not recommend.

Reviewed on 10.13.12

Stylist: Joy

Joy actually works at the Falls of Neuse location of Salon Blu. I don't know how to get this changed on the site. The address is 6617-103 Falls of Neuse Road Raleigh, NC 27615and the phone number is 919.848.0555. Can whoever gets this fix it please, I already left a review for her under the other Salon Blue location.Thanks

Reviewed on 11.04.11

Stylist: Joy

Joy truly understands curly hair and how to cut it so it is manageable and looks good. I came to Joy after having a terrible hair cut and she has worked with me to overcome the bad cut and now have hair I can be proud of.

Reviewed on 10.10.11

Stylist: Anna

she was very friendly and had some knowledge of curly hair. she knew not to use thining/ texturing sheers on curls and to use a defuser if blow drying that does not go through the hair. she did a great job on the layers. but when she was cutting my hair she cut the hair straight across which damages cuticles of curly hair. with curls you are suposed to cut with the curl most of the time they recomend cutting it when dry she cut it when wet. she did not do a good job of styling my hair was soft and shinny but big and frizzy. she ran her fingures through it the whole time it was drying and combed it something you are not supposed to do if you want definition with type 3b curls.

Reviewed on 07.11.11

Stylist: Ashley Fitts

It is always a time of high anxiety when I am forced to find a new hair stylist. Early last year when my stylist moved unexpectedly to California I found myself in one of those situations. None of my friends have curly hair so there is no one to ask for a recommendation. I have learned over the years that cutting curly hair is not something that every stylist can do. Finally I found a recommendation for Ashley on line and I made an appointment. From our very first meeting she put me at ease. She listened to my concerns and fears and then proceeded to give me the best styling that I have ever received. From the very first day it was great and easy to care for. Subsequent appointments have all given the same perfect results. If you have curly hair and live in Raleigh, you need to check Ashley out.

Reviewed on 01.03.11

Stylist: Ashley

Ashley does great work on very curly hair (3c). My daughter has been to her several times for a cut and it looks great. Ashley will recommend what she thinks would work best for you.

Reviewed on 12.08.09

Stylist: Ashley

This is a fabulous salon, and Ashley gave me a fabulous new style! She definitely knows how to cut naturally curly hair. We discussed my problem areas (extra curly spots in the front), what I don't like my hair to do, and how to get around these issues. I have never had a stylist who knew so much about how to cut curly hair! She used a special technique that I have never seen before, and I ended up with a style that is completely unique and works with MY hair. I love my new do, and I am 100% sure I will be returning to Ashley and Salon Blu. And did I mention that it was a bargain, too?

Reviewed on 05.01.09