Salon O 65

65 E Oak Street
Chicago, IL 60611

User Reviews

Stylist: Kristin

I saw Kristin last month on the 14th, which was a Saturday. This was my first Deva haircut. Her receptionist called me and told me she would be 15 minutes late. Well she was actually over 30 minutes late, but hey I drove an hour to get there with my whole family and was not going to reschedule. Well my 2 kids were actually pretty patient and they did receive cookies and hot chocolate. So, I was there over 2 hours and Kristin started off first with talking to me about what I wanted. She took a lot of time cutting my hair dry. It reminded me of someone pruning a bush! People who do Deva haircuts have to have a certain amount of artistic talent. Kristin certainly is talented because she did give me a good shape. Another girl shampooed/conditioned my hair with Deva products and then Kristin used paper towels to squeeze out excess water. She applied Deva hair styling products with my head upside down and she did cut a tiny bit more. Then I sat under the rotating open dryer for quite a while. She did do a color on another client while I got my hair washed. So I was very pleased with the end results and will post pics. A Deva haircut costs $100, but on the site there is a 50 % off coupon which I did use. I tipped her only 10% because she was soo late and then a few dollars to the shampoo girl.

Reviewed on 12.09.09