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Stylist: Patrice

I've gone to Patrice for years, but always to get my very curly hair cut short short. With my job, it was the only way to go, & I've always been happy with her work. Then my husband was hurt in an accident, which required some cut backs in order to make ends meet. Patrice came up with a plan to help me keep my hair looking great during that time. We decided that a grow out was in order, and spacing my hair cuts farther apart allowed my slow growing curls to stay pretty while not breaking my budget. Always encouraging, she has styled and lovingly tamed my curls. At each visit, she is genuinely excited to see my progress, and it never fails- she has thought about what we are doing and where we are going, because she explains, reveals and discusses the next step of the plan with me. Patrice knows what she is doing! For the first time ever, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my beautiful curls. No more fighting nature, no more frizz or crazy fly aways, just beautiful hair that gets compliments from men and women alike. It's been a year and 1/2 now, and we're still growing out, with maybe another year to go. Anyone with curly hair knows how difficult it is to find a great stylist, so I don't give this recommendation to you lightly. Patrice is great with curly hair. And she has a great personality too!

Reviewed on 12.21.09