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White Plains, NY 10605

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Stylist: Loïs Stoeffhaas

This is the second time I got my hair done by Loïs and again, I had an amazing experience. She really takes the time to cut your curls and to see what fits the person sitting in her chair. She has a kind personality and takes so much pride in her work. I love how every time I walk out of the door, I learn so much more about (my) curly hair. If I did not live all the way in Belgium, Lois would be the only one to cut my hair. SIDENOTE: she’s not working at Devachan anymore but works at EDRIS salon on thursdays and Vasken on other days. Edris salon is amazing, all the hairstylists are so friendly and extremely talented

Reviewed on 02.08.19

Stylist: Lois Stoeffhaas

FYI I. Lois Stoeffhaas now work @ Vasken Salon (914) 285-0800 White Plains 10601 Fri-Wed + Edris Salon (212) 989-6800‬ Flatiron Dist NYC 10011 Thurs: 12-8PM. Formerly from Devachan White Plains 8 yrs + Devachan B'way-Broome-Culver City-79th St. Thank you for your Reviews & Patronage.

Reviewed on 07.30.18

Stylist: Lois Stoeffhaas @ Vasken Salon/ Edris Salon-Flatiron

FYI I, Lois Stoeffhaas, now work @ Vasken Salon (914) 285-0800 White Plains 10601 Fri-Wed + Edris Salon (212) 989-6800‬ Flatiron Dist NYC 10011 Thurs: 12-8PM. Formerly w/ Devachan-White Plains 8yrs + Devachan B'way-Broome-Culver City-79th. Thank you for your Patronage & Reviews.

Reviewed on 07.30.18

Stylist: Lois Stoeffhaas

Lois is fantastic. So much patience, and she really cares about you and your hair. My hair looked great after her cut, and she taught me how to take care of it. A few days later I had a question so I contacted Devachan, and Lois got back to me as soon as she could and was happy to answer everything I asked. The best stylist I've had

Reviewed on 09.08.16

Stylist: Lois Stoeffhaas

I recently decided to give Devachan another try after a not so great experience a couple of years ago. I think that back then, I must have not had the right stylist, because I saw Lois last night and what a difference!!! She was amazing! Lois took great care and time talking to me about what I wanted and how I envisioned my hair to look. She also asked what my plans were as far as growing it out, how long I wanted to grow it out, etc. She took into consideration the shape of my face and my curl type. I had been wearing an angled bob which was getting too long in the front and dragging everything down. I knew that I would have to go shorter in the front so that I can start growing my hair out properly, and we discussed that as well. Even though I was nervous, she put me at ease right away. She is very calming and has a very genuine personality. She took her time cutting my hair and making sure it was even. You can tell that she loves what she does, takes pride in her work and that she is talented at her craft. Even though there was bad weather (snow) last night, and I was probably one of her last appointments of the day, she took her time and was not rushing to get out, which is how I felt with my previous stylist there. Her assistant gave me an awesome wash and condition with a great massage - he also did not rush, took his time, and carefully clipped my hair afterward, which Lois checked on and then had him put me under the dryer. When she unclipped me and released the "curl cast", she gave me some tips and showed me how to add the Devachan styling cream to my routine at the roots after my hair is dry to give it some additional volume. At no time did I feel like she was "pushing" any of their products on me. (I already use the No-Poo, One Condition, and Ultra Styling Gel.) My hair looked great when she was finished, and I was really, really happy with it. The real test came this morning when I had to do it myself and it still looks fantastic! The cut is super cute, and I am really pleased with the whole experience. I will definitely go back to Lois for my next haircut. She is primarily at the White Plains location, but does Sundays at Broome Street which will give me a great excuse to make a trip into NYC for the day! Thank you so much, Lois, for giving me a great Devachan experience! I hope they know how lucky they are to have you! 

Reviewed on 03.04.15

Stylist: Pedro

Pedro cut my hair and he took great care & precision & detail when doing so. I am extremely happy with the cut. Victoria colored my hair & it came out nice. My issue was when I booked for color I asked how much & they told me 90.00 so I was shocked when they told me it was 185.00 for the color. And for 185.00 I want to LOVE the color not like the color. Plus I felt more could have been done when I got home and my hair fully dried I could see more detail could have been taken in the back of my hair especially if I'm paying 185.00 for color. So my total bill was 313.00 I paid 80 for the cut, 185.00 for color and 2 of their products. If anything the cut that I loved so much should have been 185.00 I just don't like that there were no warnings that whatever she was doing was going to cost more. Don't ever surprise me like that again.

Reviewed on 04.16.14

Stylist: Lois Stoeffhaas

I was tired of my hair. Pretty curls underneath and wavy frizz all around the top, which really hid the pretty curls. My students told me about this salon (their moms go) and so I took a chance. And if you schedule an appointment with Lois you will never regret it!!! I feel so very grateful to have had my hair cut and styled by Lois Stoeffhaas. She is an absolute STAR! She listened to my concerns about my hair, she took note of what I wanted, and then checked my facial structure to decide upon the best angle of the cut. She even checked my cowlick to see where my natural part should occur. No one has ever done that for me! She is such a lovely and warm person, she made me feel right at ease (which is not an easy feat as I am overly cautious and hesitant to try new things). She explained each step before she took it and by the end of my time with her I had these glorious ringlets that I had NOT seen on my head since I was a child. Now the slight skeptic in me thought "Well of course it looks good now, Lois did it!" but she walked me through each step so thoroughly and recommended only the necessary products to me and I was totally able to coax my hair into the same curls the next time I cleansed and conditioned! I am so very happy with my curls and have already received many compliments! THANK YOU, LOIS!

Reviewed on 03.17.14

Stylist: Meg

Well I forgot what a bad haircut can do to a curly girl! This was my second visit with Meg and I gave her the benefit of the doubt. My first haircut was 15 minutes and basically stuck to the basic of what my original cut was. For the second cut she was so rude and condescending regarding the whole Deva process and asked me how long I have been using products. I always have received compliments regarding my curls, and she went into conditioning and pooing. She was saying this is an art for her and how you must take the time and use the products. She sounded as if she was part of a cult. Meg actually asked how long I scrubbed my scalp for. I left feeling embarrased. In reality she should of been. My hair was cut 3 inches shorter and very blunt. No style or shape. My curls became tighter than norm and kinky. I went back two weeks later for her to fix and she said to me. What don't you like? snipped it a few times more. and told me I really should wait a month before judging the cut because it will be the best haircut I would have. She was very full of herself. Well a month and half later and it wasn't any better. I did go to Lois at the salon over a year ago and she was fantastic totally diffferent attitude and great cut. It's unfortunate that I had this experience there because I would never step foot into this salon again!

Reviewed on 02.26.14

Stylist: Lois Stoeffhaas

Lois is amazing! She took my shapeless hair and turned it into a chic cut that perfectly frames my face. Her cut was so good and so precise that I didn't need to go back to see her for four months. I had been going to curly salons for years, but hadn't had a haircut this good for many. I can't recommend Lois highly enough.

Reviewed on 09.24.13

Stylist: Lois Stoeffhaas

My Devachan experience: I had been straightening for about three years and using a lot of professional strength flat irons on a high setting. Needless to say my natural 3b curls were really damaged. I had a few of inches of spiral at the root and then several inches of what looked like straight hay like hair with no curl what so ever. I made an appointment with Lois based on a few reviews I had read and on the fact that I wanted to stay in Westchester county. I have several years ago seen several stylists in NYC--but this time was delighted to try the location near home. I explained to Lois that I wanted to go back to curly but really didn't like the transitioning look, so she could take off as much as she wanted. I pretty much left the style up to her. This wasn't easy because I had never had really short hair but I have to say I'm so happy with the decision. Lois was absolutely great. She spent so much time with me looking at my facial structure, jaw bones and figuring out the right cut for my face. I truly believe you have to be an artist and have a special eye and she definitely has both. Also I explained that I sometimes will wear my hair straight so she took the time to blow my hair out and made a few adjustment so that the curly cut would work straight also. My hair is shorter than it's ever been but it really works on my face and I've gotten so many complements. Thank you Lois!!!! BTW, when it comes to having your hair set up in the Deva clips…..Jamie is great!!!

Reviewed on 08.20.13

Stylist: Reene

I just received my first devacut today and was very pleased. When I walked in late due to traffic I was greeted with smiles, a silk robe, and asked if I would like anything to drink. I sat down and no later than 2 minutes my stylist Reene greeted me, and we went straight to work. He asked me what I was looking to gain and the look I was going for and really listened, he even asked me a few times before he cut certain parts so he was sure I would be pleased. When he washed my hair it was such a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Laying down under a canopy, and getting a scalp massage was really great. Finally he styled my hair and let it dry and the results were great. My hair is VERY frizzy even minutes after being soaking wet, which was something Reene took note of, understood, and acted upon. He was very friendly throughout the whole process, understanding my nervousness because it was my first time at Devachan. I had a great experience at Devachan and think although its expensive, is worth it. I will return for sure.

Reviewed on 06.18.13

Stylist: Lois Stoeffhaas

This is a long overdue thank you and praise for Lois Stoefhaas who cuts my hair at the White Plains Salon. Last year I was an extra in a Gary Marshal film and when I was getting my hair done for my scene the hair dresser on the set exclaimed and asked: "This is a fabulous hair cut who did it?" I told them Lois Stoefhaas cut and styled it at Devachan Spa... Thanks for your services and for making me proud of my curls... Sincerely, Angela Maddalone

Reviewed on 02.07.12

Stylist: Lois Stoeffhaas

I originally found Lois on when she was working at Louis De Chiarro in Eastchester. I immediately knew that she would transform my frizz into the curly girl I dreamed of. I wasn't sure what color to do - and Lois proved to be a true artist. I was thrilled when she told me they'd be opening a Devachan in White Plains, and she would be moving there. Originally hired for her expert coloring skills she was soon doing her magic with haircuts because so many of her clients moved with her! I honestly can't say enough positive things about Lois. She is a curly hair artist - and is truly a lovely person as well. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Reviewed on 12.22.09