Beautiful From Head 2 Toe

2439 4th Street
Livermore, CA 94550

User Reviews

Stylist: Briana Garcia

It says on their website they do the Deva Curl Cut but when I went, the girl did not know what she was doing at all. I was supposed to get a partial highlight and Deva Cut. When washing my hair, she first used burning hot water on my head and then freezing cold and then burning hot again. She sloppily dried my hair with a towel and created a lot of frizz. She put a bunch of Deva product in my hair but did not follow the instructions at all. My hair was pretty much straight with a lot of frizz. I told her it wasn't curly and she kept spraying Mister Right on my head. It was horrible. She then tried to blow dry my hair with the Deva dryer but apparently it was the first time she ever used it because it kept popping off and hitting me. Then she actually asked me to dry my own hair with the dryer. I left. I did NOT let her cut my hair. I can't imagine, and don't want to, what she would have done! Do NOT go there!!!

Reviewed on 12.23.09