Reddoor Salon and Spa

bairro :vila nova conceição
rua bueno brandão 113
São Paulo, 27

User Reviews

Stylist: Robson Trindade

I ABSOLUTELY love this salon and the stylist. I met him through the TV and I went to visit his salon immediately. Robson Trindade saved my dry, unruly hair after years of relax and blowing it out and now I have bouncy healthy curls!! Robson understands what a curly girl wants and needs. He is the first Deva certified in Brazil. He always travels and brings back innovations for his salon. The atmosphere is very pleasant. They also listen to you. After filling out an exhaustive questionnaire , they talk to you and assess your hair needs and goals. He worries about the customers' comfort. He has naturally curly hair, too. The haircut is perfect. I'm so happy. Thank you, Robson!! Visit this salon you will be very happy!!!. here his blog:

Reviewed on 12.28.09