Sumatra Salon & Spa

232 Central Park Ave
Virginia Beach , VA 23462

User Reviews

Stylist: Trisha

I started going to Trisha because I loved my mom's haircut, and at the time I was living in Washington, DC, where haircuts are about twice the price they are in Virginia Beach. I haven't changed stylists since. Any time I want to try something new, she interprets my desires perfectly to keep length or cut it off right, and still keep me looking stylishly current. My hair is 3a, but I used Henna a lot for about a year, which straightened me out to a 2b/c. I stopped about 6 months ago, and when I went to her recently with her beautifully designed long layers looking funky cause of my curly roots, she fixed me up with a collar-length ever-so-slightly angled bob that I can still pull back. She always wants to style my hair curly, too, which usually involves sitting me under the dryer with a magazine. Gotta love a stylist that doesn't want to flatten your curls!!

Reviewed on 12.30.09