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6 Lower Temple Street
Birmingham, B2 4JD

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Stylist: Matt

I am hoping this honest review is listened to even by 1 person and save that person the heartache I’ve been through After following the curly girl ****od for 6 weeks I decided to book in for a cut to hopefully enhance my curls I only wish I’d read the Google reviews before I’ve booked in with Matt at Spring hair. We arrive for our 3 o’clock appointment and we were greeted by a few friendly members of staff and we were asked to take a seat and just wait until Matt had finished his customer. When Matt came over to us I explained that I’d been on the curly girl ****od for six weeks and what I wanted to achieve And how my aim was to grow my hair but in Hance the ringlets that I’d already got. Matt started chopping away at my hair with no uniformity, I just thought this was the ****od of a curl by curl cut. I kept seeing large clumps of hair fall on the floor but still try to remain calm as he is the “professional” I’ve always had quite strong hair so when it was time to shampoo I was quite concerned when Matt told the young girl not to **** the product through as Michaels had gone very delicate? He told her exactly what to do with my hair. After my shampoo I went back to sit down at Matt’s station where he started putting product in my hair. I was getting concerned at this point because normally when I put product in my hair I can already see my ringlets but all I could see Are limp straggly hairs Several times throughout the drying process Matt left me alone while he went to see customers had just come in the shop, which is acceptable, but then he left me alone for approximately 20 minutes while he went to sit behind reception and then went on his mobile phone at this point I’d already been at Spring hair for two hours so I was getting very frustrated I picked up the hairdryer and proceeded to dry my own hair one of the young girls who was cleaning the stations did ask me if I was okay. 15 minutes later Matt came back and asked me and my daughter what our plans were for the rest of the day, I couldn’t contain my upset and told him I was going home immediately to wash my hair. He asked me what was the problem and I could barely get my words out I told him I had hated what he done and the girls I walked into the shop with had been cut out ... Matt‘s response was you can’t cut a curl out. I may not be a hairdresser but I do know they can cook curls out. Matt did offer to re-wash my hair and restyle it but as we’d already been there over two hours I just wanted to leave so ended up paying my bill and leaving the shop with wet hair. When I got home and I had chance to process everything wash it and stylet myself I could see then the mess that he had made they were uneven Lengths that I had to cut myself and I couldn’t do anything with my hair. The following morning I tried to straighten it but there was that many uneven lengths it wouldn’t straighten. I emailed the store and asked if I could claim a refund because I was unhappy with my hair I explained everything and I even told them that I had at one point picked up the hairdryer and dried my own hair. I got an email back refusing to refund stating they would look into it and get back to me by the end of the week, the end of the week came and I got an email back stating that they had investigated my complaint and I did not pick up the hair dryer and dry my own hair, I replied on the email of the young girl who asked me if I was okay for cleaning the stations so to ask her I emailed the store and asked if I could claim a refund because I was unhappy with my hair I explained everything and I even told them that I had at one point picked up the hairdryer and dried my own hair. I got an email back refusing a refund stating they would look into it and get back to me by the end of the week, the end of the week came and I got an email back stating that they had investigated my complaint and I did not pick up the hairdryer and drive my own hair, I replied in the email of the young girl who asked me if I was okay for cleaning the stations so to ask her If they had doubted this. Two weeks later I still haven’t heard anything and ended up going to my local salon to have a normal haircut, so my hair has gone from shoulderlength to above my ear with the hairdresser carrying out correction work. He was absolutely disgusted at the state of my hair and said the problem is He had to cut it shorter than I wanted in order to match up the shortest of lengths that Matt had cut. After visiting my hairdresser and getting advice from him I emailed again spring her and told them everything that had happened and again asked for the refund as I was refused the first time and I got an email back the following day saying that they believe the haircut was acceptable and I was not en****led to a refund. I was a fool to pay the bill in the first place But the customer service at Spring hair is absolutely shocking. Spring hair are not trained by Lorraine M****ey nor are they curl by curl cut specialists So if you take anything from this review from me please read the Google reviews from everybody that has had the same experience as I had when I visited spring hair in Birmingham and I hope they save somebody even just one person the heartache and expense that I’ve gone through.

Reviewed on 02.18.20

Stylist: Matt

To the comment before... the battle between Lorraine and Spring is absolutely nothing to do with you. You know nothing of the facts, only hearsay and have no right to make such silly, petty remarks like these. We have indeed had our day in court and they ruled in our favour on all matters. We had asked NC to remove the comment as it isn’t a review of our services. As yet they haven’t so it’s forced me to write this. Comments such as these are liable and slanderous and will be treated as such in the future.

Reviewed on 03.04.19

Stylist: Matthew James

This person has blatantly and shamelessly stolen Lorraine M****ey's Curl by Curl technique, put a UK patent on it and is trying to market it as how own. I truly hope he gets what he deserves in court. Disgrace!

Reviewed on 08.30.18

Stylist: Matthew James

Just a note to all the admins, Matthew James has moved to Puro Hair, 115 John Bright Street, Birmingham, B1 1AE. +44 121 616 1168

Reviewed on 09.24.14

Stylist: Matthew James

I had my hair cut by Matt very recently. I have a friend who specialises in curly hair but he lives in Australia and as I'm in England that's a bit extreme for a hair cut. He told me to read Lorraine Massey's curly girl book and seek out a deva trained stylist. I did that and finally after a long search I found Matt. Birmingham is a long way to travel and I was nervous because Matt was my last hope. I was not disappointed. He cut my hair dry (first time that's ever happened) and I left his salon with beautiful curly hair and my head held high. I am 38 and that's the first time that's happened. I have two boys both with curly hair and I have been using the products he recommended and they have gorgeous curls now. Really pleased to finally find someone who has a passion for curls even if I do have to drive 130 miles to see him. The salon is great too. Feels like a spa. Really relaxed and no one is trying to sell anything. He's moved now though to puro hair 115 John Bright Street, Birmingham.

Reviewed on 07.04.14

Stylist: Matthew James

I had my hair cut by Matt yesterday and it is the best hair cut I have ever had. I am 37 years of age and in my entire life I have never walked out of a salon happier. I almost cried with joy. Sounds dramatic doesnt it.. but it is true. He cut my hair dry first and then washed and applied some product and then dried it. It was dried under a funky hair dryer. Once it was washed and dried he cut some ends off some individual curls AND DRUM ROLE PLEASE... FRIZZ FREE CURLS!!!! I had some definitive BOUNCY CURLS :o) The whole process took about an hour and half. Matt is a really down to earth person and even knew what I meant about what hairstyle I actually wanted. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! he was able to visualise the hairstyle what I wanted and even made it better. SOMEBODY PINCH ME! My Hair salon nightmares have finally ended thanks to Matt. Curly Girls I would recommend him. I live in manchester and travelled to Birmingham and now I will never let anyone else cut my hair. Thank you Matt the salon is great and all the staff were wonderful. AWESOME job THANKS!!

Reviewed on 04.25.14

Stylist: Anonymous

i visited matthew for the first time in december as i really needed to have my relaxed ends cut off and matthew did a brilliant job at cutting my 3c/4a hair! i was so pleased afterwards to no all my relaxed hair had gone i even booked another appointment with matthew to have blonde highlights done.. i certainly wouldnt go to another hairdresser now!

Reviewed on 12.18.13

Stylist: Matthew James

I recently moved to the UK and needed a stylist that could deal with my curls. I did some research and decided to give Matthew James a try and I was glad I did. Not only did I get a great cut but we also reviewed my routine and he gave me some suggestions that work well to take down the frizz. I got an education in addition to a great haircut! Matthew is a great stylist, very personable, and I highly recommend him!

Reviewed on 10.20.13

Stylist: Matt

When I arrived, Matt asked me what my plans were for my hair. His initial thoughts were that a graduated bob would be the way to go, but when I explained that I wanted to have a good crack at growing my hair we compromised. I showed Matt photos I’ve taken all through my CG journey so he could see the good, the bad and the ugly. I even described the challenges of trying to do people’s feet without my hair in my face - a bit deal as I really don’t want my hair up all the time. The guy is sharp and takes in everything you tell him. Matt then cut my hair dry. He picks out individual curls, sprays them with Deva Mister Right and snips away. It’s weird seeing dry hair falling onto the cape! He then washed and conditioned my hair with the Deva Curl range, blotted dry with paper towels, and applied Deva Curl Frizz Free Foam before clipping and diffusing my hair. Then he sat me under a heat lamp to finish drying while he cut another lady’s hair. He runs his clients in such a way that he moves between two of you, a very efficient system. Matt is a real pro, and refreshingly down to earth. What I really love about my Deva cut is the way it frames my face instead of engulfing it. Matt has cut it so I can bend forward while working etc, without getting a faceful of hair. This really is a big deal to me, and he has got it spot on. So impressed.

Reviewed on 08.24.13

Stylist: Matthew James

I think this is the first hair cut that I actually like. My hair is big, thick and wild. It's never really had a style. Matthew took off a lot of weight with layers but kept the length overall (well it feels really short to me but isn't all that much shorter in its longest points). I've not worn all of my hair down for years and years, so I feel a bit self concious but it looks so much better than it ever has before and I've had lots of compliments at work today! I can't believe that it is virtually frizz free too and he gave me some good tips. Matthew was friendly, could tell I was nervous and kept reassuring me he was keeping the length etc etc and answered my questions and said I could email him for tips anytime :)

Reviewed on 03.29.12

Stylist: Matthew James

I feel that after years of bad experiences, I have found a hairdresser I would readily go back to. Matthew was so friendly, informative and professional. I felt totally confident in how he cut my hair and he spent lots of time explaining each process all of which made perfect sense. I highly recommend a visit to Matthew. Thanks! Kate

Reviewed on 06.25.11

Stylist: Matthew James

I went to get my haircut by Matt yesterday. He is a brilliant hairdresser who really understands curly hair! He sat and talked to me for about 20minutes before even touching my hair about what it was that I wanted, exactly what he was going to do and what to expect from the cut. At this point it became apparent that he really knew what he was talking about which put all my nerves at ease. For example, he mentionned how he is contact with Lorraine Massey and would e-mail her when he first started cutting curly hair for advice in order to perfect his technique. He washed my hair with the Kinkycurly range and then tipped my head upside down and scrunched in some curling custard and a curljunkie leave-in conditioner. In between conditioners he he layered my hair just to get the basic shape in (my hair had a lot of weight!). Then he sat me under the dryer and, when it was dry, cut my hair curl by curl! I was in there for about 2 hours just for cut and blow dry so you can really tell how much he cares! My hair looked amazing! It was so bouncy and full of life and really suited my features! He managed to make all my hair blend together, despite it being a mix of 3a and 3bs. My boyfriend loved it! And my mum was amazed at how good it looked! What is particulary good about Matt is that he doesn't use any fancy techniques. He purposely does this so you know exactly how your hair is gonna look on a day-to-day basis as soon as he finishes cutting. My mum was surprised when I had told her this, because when she got her hair done at Toni and Guy they had finger twirled her hair to bring out the curl. My hair was so much more bouncier and full of life that my mum couldn't believe that he hadn't finger-twirled my hair to make it look like that! So I would recommend Matt to anyone who can reach him! He is a friendly, understanding and talented hairdresser who will make your curls look amazing!

Reviewed on 01.07.11

Stylist: Matthew James

I visited Matthew as a result of the rave reviews he has received on this website. I have type 3a shoulder length curls and have always had issues with having my hair cut as I would end up with step layers and a dodgy triangle shape. Not Good! Matthew has put an end to all that though. I now have bouncy full of body curls and not step layer in sight! He is a lovely guy who genuinely cares about his clients. What a breath of fresh air. I will be a regular client from now on.

Reviewed on 06.27.10

Stylist: Matthew James

I was introduced to Matt by my wife Ruth (as we used to both be misunderstood curly-haired people) - and my hair has never been the same! I have really fine, difficult to manage curly hair, and Matt has helped me transform it. Believe-it-or-not I no longer use shampoo - and I really don't miss it! Thank you Matt (and Ruth :-) xx

Reviewed on 06.14.10

Stylist: Matthew James

I have long been cautious about my curls and have stuck with the same style and cut for many years due to memories of truly horrifc previous hair cuts. I recently visited Matt on the recommendation of contributions to this site and feel I have definately found a new hairdresser! Matt was very warm and friendly and made me feel instantly at ease, he cut my hair differently to any other hairdresser I have been to and as a result my curls are bouncier than they have ever been. Thanks Matt, you are a crackin' curl cutter and I will be back!!

Reviewed on 06.13.10

Stylist: Matt

Matt is a 'must have hairdresser' for curly girlies everywhere! He's kind, understanding and, the best thing is, he listens to what you have to say!

Reviewed on 05.22.10

Stylist: Matthew

It's all in the cut. My hair is naturally curly and for years rather than style it, it was easier to tie it back. What a difference Matthew has made to my hair and my confidence. He listened to my every need and talked me through how to recreate the style at home. I used to visit my stylist twice a year at the most and still leave wondering 'how good will it look when I do it?' now I don't want to hide my hair and I will be visiting Matthew more frequently. I know every time I will leave feeling cared for, confident and wanting every one to see my lush locks. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on 05.20.10

Stylist: Matthew James

I would recommend Matthew James in Birmingham. I found the good reviews here about how Matthew treats curly heads and thought I would check him out. Having found no-one in Glasgow or Edinburgh (where I live - my family lives in Birmingham) to deal with my very tight curly, almost afro, mixed race hair, I was at a loose end! I found his service to be lovely. I had a thorough chat with a cuppa beforehand to decide on what I wanted and I showed him some pictures I’d found of the style I was after, which he wasn’t dismissive about as some hairdressers are. With the cut itself, he didn’t rush and I was getting A LOT of hair cut off (about 4-5 inches I reckon). After a day or two, it settled into it’s style and it’s super cute.

Reviewed on 04.11.10

Stylist: Matt

I have wavy hair rather than curly hair and also have a huge problem finding a hairdresser that understands my requirements. I would definitely recommend Matt at Matthew James in Birmingham who expertly deals with all types of hair. I visited him based on the recommendations on this website and also another called and can certainly back up all the good things that were said! Matt spends valuable time beforehand sitting down with you to talk about the look you want and more importantly the look you don’t want! This is sometimes overlooked by some of the salons that rush you out their doors. He also makes an effort to make you feel comfortable and make a trip to the salon relaxing and enjoyable, as it should be! I was very happy with my cut and have already been singing his praises to my friends to go and pay a visit! His website is What are you waiting for??! :-)

Reviewed on 04.08.10

Stylist: Matthew James

Matthew was an absolute star. I was always shy of wearing my hair curly but he cut it in such an amazing style. I had 100% trust in him and I adore my new hair style and now always will wear it curly! He had so many different ideas and talked me through every stage, which made me confident. As well as being a genuinely nice chatty person he cuts curly hair magically, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. I've learned to love my curls thanks to Matthew!

Reviewed on 03.04.10

Stylist: Matthew James

I had my cut with Matt on January 27, 2010 and I will be going back for sure! He is fabulous at cutting curly hair (mine is 3c)and I can't recommend him enough! He listens to what you have to say, and above all he doesn't treat curly hair like a problem to be solved, but as the wonderful gift that it is!! Highly recommended!!!

Reviewed on 02.28.10

Stylist: Matthew James

I found this website by chance to be honest and thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. My hair is shoulder length, naturally curly and although trying different salons the style has never changed and the layers have just got heavier and heavier. I'm pleased to say after visiting Matthew this has all changed now. In one visit he has greatly changed the cut, got rid of the layers and my hair is a lot lighter and curlier from the top. I cannot recommend him enough; he's easy to understand, cares and does a great job for good value of money. He's even said I can go back anytime so he can teach me how to diffuser dry! If you've struggled like me for years, he really is worth a try.

Reviewed on 02.22.10

Stylist: Matthew James

I went to Matt for a cut on February 13, 2010. My previous haircut was awful and I needed a rescue haircut desperately. Matt is a fantastic hairdresser. He listens to what you have to say and offers lots of suggestions. The cut is now perfect and I love y hair again. He is lovely and listens to what you ask, he understands hair and explains what he is doing all the time. I have now found the hairdresser I trust.

Reviewed on 02.13.10

Stylist: Matt

For nearly four years, I've been searching for a hairdresser in Birmingham that understands and appreciates curly hair. I'm happy to say that my search is finally over! Matthew cut my hair on Friday (01/29/10) for the first time and I absolutely love it! As well as being skilled at cutting curly hair, he listens to what you want, makes helpful suggestions and is a friendly person who will instantly put you at ease. My curls are full and bouncy so I feel pretty again! Curly-haired girls: Matthew will bring out the best in your curls - give him a go, you won't be disappointed! Highly recommended!

Reviewed on 01.30.10

Stylist: Matt

I have type 3a/b hair and have struggled to find a stylist that knows how to actually style curly hair! I've been going to Matt for just over a year now and now have a very manageable hair style which I love and I also have had him do my hair for a wedding which I was a bridesmaid for and other special occasions. He listens to what I ask for and offers suggestions on styles and products without being pushy. I would seriously recommend this guy, his prices are very reasonable and he's a miracle worker!!!

Reviewed on 12.30.09