NEX Beauty Salon & Day Spa

The Mall at Pearl Harbor
4725 Bougainville Drive Radford Drive
Honolulu, HI 96860

User Reviews

Stylist: I think it was Melodee, but I'm not sure

before moving to the island, i got my hair cut at a salon that does dry-cuts and the whole place specializes in curly hair, so i know what a good hair cut is. What I got from the NEX Salon was not good at all. My appointment was with the curly hair specialist, and although she cut my hair dry, she insisted on combing it dry first, so she could get a "straight cut". I should have walked out the door then, but i didn't. I wanted a trim, because i was trying to grow it out a little. She cut off about an inch and a half of dry hair, there goes the grow out idea. She also only cut the bottom, when my hair was layered, so there are still loads of dead ends. Long story short it's a mess, from now on I will drive and 45 minutes to get to Honolulu or Kailua.

Reviewed on 09.16.11

Stylist: Melodee

Melodee did a great job on my hair. My hair is extremely thick and it was all one length. It was so heavy and frizzy. Melodee gave me a great layered cut that allowed the curls to come out. I don't know if she's a curl expert per se, but she did a great job with my waves. I've been to stylists who gave me cuts that only flattered straight hair. Now, I can wear it straight or wavy and it looks good either way.

Reviewed on 08.27.10

Stylist: Jennifer

*You must have a military ID to receive services at this salon. Ask for Jennifer; she is a curly girl herself and she understands the various growth patterns and needs of our hair types. Jennifer has cut both mine and my son's hair and she does a really great job.

Reviewed on 12.31.09