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3 Market Sq Ste H
(Above Starbucks)
Portsmouth , NH 03801

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Stylist: Heather

Full disclosure: Heather is a friend of mine. But I'm joining this site instead of just soaking in all the tips because she deserves the credit for every good haircut I've had since meeting her. What is remarkable about Heather isn't just that she can cut curly hair, but that she can give you a curly cut that makes you feel unique. I've found a problem since moving to Boston and that problem is Blahness. Every curly girl gets the same cut because that's what the stylists have learned to do. But whether you want a funky cut or a professional/sophisticated cut (or all of the above) she's your gal. Give her a shot and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed on 01.02.10