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Stylist: Lora Johnson

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

I heard about Lora on this website back in 2009. I went and saw her and loved her haircut. She looks at your face and helps you determind a good style determined by your hair type, face shape, and personality. This helps me especially because having curly hair can often times be quite a challenge. I recently went back and had a totally different experience... better than the first time. I have recently experienced dermatitis on my scalp and have not known what to do about it because unlike dandruff that flakes off, the dermatits sticks in a waxy form and clumps together so that it is hard to get off. Besides giving me a great cut this time, Lora helped me to get rid of the clumping, gave me a scalp treatment for it, and gave me advice for what to do at home so that it heals. She told me that taking baths instead of showers will help my scalp because when it is soaking water and air are "natural healers". When taking a shower, the water is not getting a chance to soak in the scalp properly. I have been dealing with this for the past 8 months or so, and she has been the first one who really helped me find a solution for this. I have heard that a lot of people deal with this who have curly hair (especially when it is coarse) so hopefully this helps you. I highly recommend Lora because she takes her times with you, gives a FANTASTIC cut (I got tons of compliments going to work today) and she really does care about how a great cut can impact your everyday life because even though she only gets an hour or so with you, she knows that you will be the one looking in the mirror at yourself everyday. Please give her a call if you are looking for a great hairstylist. =)