Logan Raye

801 Gervais St
Columbia, SC 29201

User Reviews

Stylist: Laura

I know this review is late in coming (I had my hair done there back in May 2009), but Laura did such an awesome job that I have to let other curly girls know! I had recently done a bad do it yourself dye job on my hair, so on a whim I set up an appointment with Logan Raye's best colorist. Fortunately, she was also their most experienced stylist when it comes to curly hair. Not only was she so excited about my curls and my big step to grow out the relaxer, but she was super sweet and easy to talk to. I liked her so much that I set up an appointment the following week to cut off my long hair to the middle of my neck to get rid of most of the relaxer. She never pressured me to cut off that much, but I felt very confident in her hands. When I returned for my appointment she actually taught me a lot about caring for my curls (I had always straightened my hair before then and I knew NOTHING!) She suggested that next time I see her, or any other stylist, to show up with my hair curly so she could cut it dry to see how each curl falls. Laura also told me to use paper towels or a cotton tee to dry my hair (to not ruffle the cuticle). She even used the Deva diffuser and had Lorraine Massey's book by her chair! I swear she's a curly-haired girl trapped in a straight-haired body!

Reviewed on 01.14.10