JCPenney Salon

Promenade Mall
4107 S. Yale Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74135

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Stylist: Gailyn

Like so many others, I've had more than my share of bad haircuts. I got a "bad" one in 2002, which ended up being really cute. I say bad because I felt it was butchered at the time. I've been trying to get the same general haircut since, to no luck. Enter Gailyn. I was referred to this stylist by a girl I met in college, who said she and her sisters used her for years. This girl had curly hair, so I thought I'd give the stylist a try. The first time she cut my hair it was perfect. I was so happy to have found a stylist in this area (moved from Stillwater 4 years ago and have rarely gotten a cut here). SO, trying to keep the style with hair growth, I went back exactly 6 weeks later. You'd think it were a different person. I don't know what she did, but she just kept cutting and cutting, and she cut some more. I couldn't tuck my hair behind my ears it was so short, almost to my eyebrows. It had only been 6 weeks, the style should have been relatively easy to trim. Anyhow, it was probably the WORST cut I've ever gotten, I cried after leaving. OH, and, to add insult to injury, she grabbed the trimmers to shave the back of my neck, and without warning moved in front of me and shaved, no lie, shaved my cheeks, lip, and chin of the WHITE little hairs. I was humiliated. Maybe she took something that day, I don't know, but I would strongly urge you to NOT go to her.

Reviewed on 01.19.10