Flip Salon

4620 NE Sandy Blvd #2
Portland, OR 97255

User Reviews

Stylist: Karla

I have only had great experiences at this salon. Before I started seeing Karla I would rush home after a haircut,wash and style my own hair. I don't have to do that now! I have 3b hair and have been to salons where stylists are distracted, don't listen well to what I am wanting, or they don't know how to deal with curly hair. Karla knows curly hair and is thoughtful and attentive. She is the owner and only stylist at the salon, so the attention feels really individualized. I called on a Friday and she had appointments available for the coming Monday or Wednesday, so I didn't have to wait long. Affordable prices and I always get the perfect cut. Highly recommended!

Reviewed on 03.28.13

Stylist: Karla

To all Curly-Hair Ladies, Karla is the best. I have always dreamed of finding a stylist who really understands curly hair. She doesn't just claim to know it, she knows! I went in to her salon for the first time, being new to Portland, and I am so pleased with the style and cut. She is very focused and a great personality too. I hope this helps whoever is looking in Portland, Oregon.

Reviewed on 09.05.12

Stylist: Karla

I called Karla with Flip Salon after reading a review on Yelp.com about her salon and services. Karla was patient and listened carefully to my needs and desires for my 4a/3c hair. All I wanted was a cut to even out my hair and basic color. She was patient enough to chat with me over the phone and via email a couple of times before before I made my decision to see her. She is independent so you wont have to worry about other people being there except for maybe a client she's finishing up. I was warmly greeted by Karla as she briefly showed me around and sat me down in her chair. I loved how she seats you in front of her large mirror at all times so you can see what she's doing. I was a little timid at first, but I put my hair in her hands. My hair never looked better. She evened it out, cut out the split ends and gave me a nice single process color. Her salon is located in the Hollywood district where parking is easy. I refer her to everyone I know!

Reviewed on 02.15.11

Stylist: Karla

I went to Karla right before Thanksgiving out of desperation, because many of the other curly stylists in the area were booked solid through the holidays and I NEEDED my hair cut. I had read some reviews on Yelp and researched her some more, only to find that she posts here on NC.com! I emailed her right then to ask if she could get me in anytime soon and she got back to me within the hour to let me know that, lo and behold, she was able to get me in three days later. She has her own salon with only one chair, so you are given her complete attention. We chatted a bit, but it was never forced or awkward (which usually happened to me). She didn't cut my hair dry (although she will if she feels it will benefit your hair type) because I have wavy hair, but she listened intently to what I wanted. My hair was a little shabby from a prior haircut at Wack, and she helped me identify the issues and corrected them in a stunning fashion. Usually, after I get a haircut, I have to wait a few days for my hair to leave the shocked stage and actually start to curl again. With Karla, I only had to wait one day before I could style my hair curly. I am still loving my hair nearly 2 months later and will go in for a haircut from her within the next few weeks. I recommend Karla wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a professional, individualized hair cut.

Reviewed on 01.23.10