Michel's Hair and Colour Salon

5353 W Alabama St
Ste 101
Houston, TX 77056

User Reviews

Stylist: Frank Bradfield

Frank Bradfield is by far the best stylist that has ever touched my hair. He has a back room at Michel's with orange painted walls and paintings he made himself. He is an artist more than a "stylist" and he treats your hair like a work of art. When we met, he took time to get to know me, my personality, my style and my concerns with my hair before he even touched it. He cuts hair dry while keeping in mind how it naturally falls on your head, and he gives plenty of styling tips to make sure you can make the most of your cut. The first time I met him, I went from hating my hair to loving it, and now whenever I'm in Houston I make a special trip to have Frank work his magic. I very highly recommend him!

Reviewed on 01.24.10