The Hair Clinic Austin

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Austin, TX 78705
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User Reviews

Stylist: Rita

Rita did my inital consultation prior to actually styling me. She asked lots of questions about I what I was already using on my hair and what was working well for me. She recommending a few styles and then I came back for my actualy appointment. She is very professional and did a great jub. I was in and out in about two hours and i got a deep conditioner. My comb coils are amazing and I will definitly come back to her!!

Reviewed on 02.15.11

Stylist: Rita

I just had the best experience. I went to Rita for a texturizer because I was frustrated with how long it was taking to care for my 4a/4b hair as it grows. Rita is the natural hair specialist at this salon, and she is extremely knowledgeable about hair chemistry and health, and she talked to me about the effects of a texturizer on my hair and how the curl pattern might change for the worse over time. She also talked to me about the possible need to change my product and styling regimen since my hair is longer than it used to be. She encouraged me to keep it natural and recommended some techniques and products to help. Then she showed me how my ends were pretty ragged and needed a trim, and how the trim would help decrease tangling and help the curl definition. She was friendly, informative, professional, and really seemed to care about the health of my hair. Ultimately she blew it out with some serious moisturizing cream (no mineral oil though - she's on top of that) and trimmed it, and French braided it for me. My hair looks great and I have renewed hope!! I would HIGHLY recommend Rita to any naturally curly/kinky ladies (or guys!) in Austin. The salon is right near UT and is modern and pleasant, they use and sell good products, and prices are extremely reasonable. I really don't know if I can convey how happy I am to have found this place. Rita saved me from either putting a bunch of chemicals in my hair or cutting it all off. Wow.

Reviewed on 01.30.10