Imago A Salon For Hair

2602 West Main Street
Richmond, VA 23220

User Reviews

Stylist: Jackie

Jackie did my daughter's Deva Cut and I'm thrilled with the turn out. 

Reviewed on 11.10.16

Stylist: Mary Jo

I lived in Richmond for seven years, and highly recommend Imago.  I went to Mary Jo, and my hair always looked amazing.  Mary Jo takes her whole team to NYC once a year to train on DevaCurl, and they follow the technique for cutting.  It would take 90 mins to get my hair done- but it was worth it.  She cut it dry, had me washed and conditioned and added product, then sat me under the dryer, then went back and cleaned up the cut.  I'm so sad that I moved away, I haven't found another stylist who did as good a job!  Highly recommend.

Reviewed on 04.03.16

Stylist: Shea

I kept hearing mixed reviews about curly cuts and decided the only way to know for sure if it would work for my 2c/3a hair would be to get one and see. I scheduled an appointment and went in more than a little apprehensive. Honestly, if they weren't going to charge me for just not showing up to my appointment I may would have lost my nerve and not went. However, I'm am so unbelievably glad I took a chance on a curly cut! Shea did an amazing job on my hair. I'd been toying with the idea of cutting my long hair into a lob (long bob) but had decided I'd see what Shea wanted to do with my hair first since I trust my stylist to know more about hair and what looks good than I do. Shea immediately suggested a lob for my hair to give my fine hair more volume. She took plenty of time to ask about my thoughts and feelings. What I like, what I don't like, what I'm hoping to get in a cut and so on. After talking about it for awhile we decided on a lob and I definitely feel like I made the right choice.Shea explained everything she was doing to style my hair and gave me some useful tips on how to gets my hair to have more volume, more curl definition and less frizz. I usually leave a salon absolutely hating how it my hair was styled even if I like the cut. I finally got to leave a salon loving my cut and loving how my hair was styled. I'd read several reviews saying the salon does a very hard sell on their products so I had fully prepared myself for that. I was pleasantly surprised when Shea told me which products she used but didn't really try to sell them to me. I appreciated it so much I actually brought 2 of the products because they made my wurly hair look incredibly and not because someone was pressuring me into it.Overall, I had a lovely experience and would highly recommend the salon to any wavy or curly girl out there.

Reviewed on 07.23.15

Stylist: Jessica

I went to Imago yesterday for my first ever curly haircut - I was nervous, but excited, too. I had done a lot of research to find a salon that did dry cuts and had stylists trained in the Deva cutting method. Though Imago is 2 hours from my house, it seemed like the best choice, so I booked an appointment. The moment I walked in the door, I knew I had found a gem! Jessica was running a little late, as the girl who had her appointment before me had been late (she had also traveled from a distance to get there), but I was so enthralled watching the stylists do their magic on the other curlies there that I didn't care. When it was my turn, Jessica sat me down and asked me about my hair - what I do with it now, what I use, and whether I was familiar with the CG method. I told her my current routine and what I was looking for in a haircut and she started on my cut. As she was cutting my hair dry, I could tell that it was going to look terrific when styled - and I was right! After my cut, Jessica cleansed and applied product, talking me through each step. She used Deva products on me, which I didn't really love, but she didn't push me to buy them, which I really appreciated. After I sat under the heat lamp for a bit, she taught me how to finish my style, and then did a bit of extra trimming. My appointment took about 2 hours, and with the round trip to Richmond and back, I spent 6 hours on my hair yesterday - and it was worth every second. I absolutely LOVE my cut - it seemed to take no time at all, but my hair moves and lays so much better! I'm so happy I took the risk and tried Imago - I've already booked my next appointment for June!

Reviewed on 03.06.11

Stylist: Jessica

I have not had this good or consistanly good hair cust in so long. Jessica is so darn cute and sweet, she took a ton of time with me and really helped me get my curly hair pretty, curly and not frizzy :) I love her and wont trade her for anything .

Reviewed on 01.05.11

Stylist: Jessica

I went to Imago A Salon For Hair, for the first time in December 2010. I was able to get an appointment with Jessica pretty quick. When I first sat down, she looked at my hair and asked me what I do with it now, what products I use and what is my goal. I told her I have been following the curly girl method for several months now. My condition of hair is in better shape,,but my current stylist does not know how to cut curly hair. She was real good with asking me questions, to make sure she did not trim too much. I had some shorter layers that she suggested I grow out. She talked me through everything, while doing it...cleansing, conditioning, and styling. She gave me tips on clipping so I could pump up a flat spot and several other ideas to do with my hair. I had a great experience, reasonably priced, and made another appt. to get my grey colored.

Reviewed on 12.30.10

Stylist: Mary Jo

Mary Jo is really committed to curls and curly girls. She is a fantastic stylist. My hair never looked better than under her care! Love her!!!!

Reviewed on 12.28.10

Stylist: Jessica

Great haircut! She listens to what you want. She gave awesome tips on what to do with my curls! She's friendly and not super pushy with the products. I return to her whenever I need my hair cut!

Reviewed on 12.24.10

Stylist: Mary Jo

I've been driving the hour to Imago for years and I consistently get the best haircuts of my life. The salon has a great vibe and the I feel like a rockstar every time I leave. They cut dry, wash, style, slow dry, and re-cut. The stylists educate as they go, which I think is essential. I found Image through the Deva Curl site.

Reviewed on 12.12.10