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Stylist: Mandy Mei

I went to Mandy Mei last hair needed shaping really bad so I thought I would give her a try based upon the review by gloomgoddess8. I had just had a trim at another big name salon here in town only 2 weeks ago and how a trim can butcher curly hair is beyond me...but the last stylist definately screwed up the shape so I was bummed and really needed to find someone to fix it. I am so delighted and relieved to have found Mandy. She is a delight. She loves and understands hair. She gave me a dry cut so she could see how the hair responded to what she was taking off. I left with a great shape and lift in the areas that needed it and did not have to sacrifice my overall length. I tipped her $10 bucks and almost felt guilty that I did not leave more! I feel so lucky to have someone here in Anthem that understands our hair. If she ever left I would have to track her down!

Reviewed on 06.03.10

Stylist: Mandy Mei

So, I realize that SuperCuts is a chain of stores, but Mandy Mei is overqualified and highly trained. She has been doing hair since she was a teenager, and people that work in more high-end salons have requested her expertise. I have very fine 3a/3b hair, and she knew exactly how to cut my curls to make them look fabulous. I left with fuller, more voluminous, accentuated and defined curls. She is also an expert on color; I wanted something more edgy, and she is not afraid to take a walk on the wild side. I was very happy with my four color red, blonde, brown and copper chunky blend. I was very satisfied with my services, and I was even happier about the price, especially since I had been paying well over twice as much for the same or less satisfactory services in high-end salons. Many thanks to Mandy Mei, and I would highly recommend her to any curlies out there that want an amazing haircut for a fraction of the price.

Reviewed on 02.03.10