Sung Salon

281 Main Street #2
Millburn, NJ 07041

User Reviews

Stylist: Sonia

So happy! I have 2b hair (I think) and have been using CG friendly methods for a number of years with sometimes good results and sometimes not. I have been to other expensive salons (including in NYC) that are known to cut curly hair and left frustrated. My cut with Sonia left me the happiest I have been with my hair. The cut let my curls fall better and requires minimal styling on my part. It's also cut into a style that flatters my face better I think. I cannot emphasize enough how happy this has made me. Sonia knows what she is doing! P.S. My only caveat is that I was not as thrilled with the styling- I re-did it on my own at home using CG products and methods and was much happier.

Reviewed on 08.27.13

Stylist: Sonia

For years I was cutting my own hair and I went into Sonia's salon because I was with my husband and he was getting his hair cut at the time. It took her 3 visits and a lot of coaxing to get me in the seat and let her cut my hair. That was over 14 years ago. I have followed her from salon to salon and she finally has her own and could not say enough about her. She understands the layering necessary to keep curly hair fresh and healthy. I cannot recommend her enough.

Reviewed on 02.08.10