189 Battery Street
Burlington, VT 05401

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Stylist: Nathan

I've been to Aveda and other upscale salons. Nathan's been cutting my hair for 7 or more years. Occasionally I stray . . . I always return to Nathan. About the reviewer who thought Nathan was too conservative about how much hair to cut off -- it is likely he played it safe for the first visit. Build a relationship with him, you'll be happy. Love Nathan's color work, too. By the way, watch for him on the theater stage; he's great!

Reviewed on 10.24.13

Stylist: Nathan

i saw Nathan a couple of months back, and he is a really nice person, one of the nicest and most professional I've met in Burlington. He seems to have a lot of experience with cutting curly hair, and as other revieweres said, he's nice to talk to. But in terms of the cut, I wasn't terribly impressed. I thought he was too afraid to make a mistake in cutting my hair that he ended up giving me a trim (i asked for a cut). Because he didn't really cut too much hair off, when I came home, I wondered what I had paid so much money for since my hair looked almost the same as before I went to see him. He did do a good job in styling my hair and in choosing the right products, but the search goes on for the right curly hair stylist in burlington.

Reviewed on 12.22.11

Stylist: Nathan

So excited to find Nathan! I found him through this site, thank you! He made me feel at ease and could totally relate to the curly experience, being a fellow curly! He was totally in support of no sulfates/no silicones, and he had great tips and suggestions for how to get the most out of your hair. He's trained in Ouidad as well as Deva, and said he has pretty much made curly hair his mission. He seems really good at picking and choosing what is best for your curl, and he's also really nice to chat with. Recommend!!

Reviewed on 06.03.11

Stylist: Nathan

Nathan is great for curlies! He is one himself and he really gets it! He is very knowledgeable about the Devacurl products as well as other lines. He is friendly, fun and REALLY knows curls!

Reviewed on 07.06.10

Stylist: Nathan

Nathan is a great guy! He has curly hair, loves cutting curly hair, knows curly hair and is Deva trained! I really like how he cuts my hair! I am so happy that I found him by asking another curly who cut her hair!

Reviewed on 02.08.10