Do! Rad Cut and Color

3835 SE Lincoln St
Portland, OR 97214

User Reviews

Stylist: Nicole Black

Sadly, I have to say I didn't get a good haircut from Nicole at this salon. I was surprised because I had had great luck with the Devacurl stylists before. The haircut she gave me was just your basic "pyramid" triangle cut, even though I told her that was exactly what I DIDN'T want, and specifically said I just wanted a trim of my existing haircut. I had to immediately go elsewhere to get it fixed.

Reviewed on 03.25.11

Stylist: Nicole Black

Nicole was the first stylist who knew exactly what to do with my curls. She is the only one I let cut my hair, despite others who have said they know what to do - and then try to wet my hair down. Nicole is always professional, sweet and makes sure I'm comfortable with everything. On my first visit, after having had a butchered haircut a few months prior, she took care of me, reassured me and was up front and honest with about how to maintain my hair. I even cried I was so overwhelmed by how good I looked and that I had a stylist that had listened. Nicole even cried with me and I hugged her and gave her a huge tip. She deserves all the praise and recognition she can get for being an amazing stylist and a kind, caring woman.

Reviewed on 12.28.10

Stylist: April Warner

April did a fabulous job with my has never looked better. She specifically mentioned her love for cutting curly hair and requested I get all my curly friends to drop by. Great place - they offered tea while waiting - with fun artwork on the wall. 5 stars, two thumbs up - however you want to rate it they are at the top. Cost was $45. Great deal for the work she put in.

Reviewed on 06.08.10

Stylist: Nicole Black

I had never had a curly cut before. After seeing an article online about cutting curly hair and taking care of it, I thought this was too good to be true. I read it, learned about the Deva line and all about CurlyGirl. I found this salon on the DevaSalon official page. It took me a while to make an appointment because I was so nervous but I'm glad I did. I made the decision after I went into a salon I'd heard was great. Nicole at Do! Rad eased my mind and watching her work was amazing. She took the time to explain everything to me, about the products, even told me I didn't have to use the expensive products. She didn't push me to get anything I couldn't afford. The cut was $40 and well worth it. For the first time ever I cried out of joy after having my curls cut and Nicole cried with me a little. I have definitely found my stylist for life! Also, while you wait for your appointment, or sit under a dryer, there's complimentary drinks like water, tea and beer! That's a perk too :)

Reviewed on 02.08.10