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Stylist: Lucie

Short version? Lucie is awesome. Long version? Lucie is totally awesome. I have tricky hair because it's thinning due to hormonal issues. It can also vary from straight with a body wave (if combed) to ringlets (if diffused with the right products). This was the first time I'd gotten my hair styled as a "curly girl," because I never realized how curly my hair really was until I began to experiment recently. Turns out the "stringiness" that used to irritate me was actually beautiful curls trying to express themselves! Lucie listened to my ideas, looked at the magazine pictures I brought in and worked with me to decide on a final style. She was very easy to talk to and patiently answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend giving Lucie a try. I was happy with the level of service, my haircut, and the atmosphere of the salon. She also suggested products without pressuring me to buy them. Overall, it was a fantastic experience!

REVIEWED BY: Jody  |  2.10.10