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Stylist: Chrissa Morton

The stylist really insisted that she knew how to do my hair and that she had so many happy clients and to trust that she knew what she was doing. I warned her that my hair would tangle easily. I said to comb it out before washing it, then comb it out with conditioner, then comb it out with leave in conditioner because it would get really tangled. My hair was down to the middle of my back, below where my breasts end. It was in a wet pony tail and she said, "why do ya have to do all that?" as though she had a better way of doing things, well, I chose to trust her. She gave me a nice 30 second neck massage while shampooing my hair. I had never had this before, ignoring my comb out instructions. Then she took me to the chair and tried combing my hair to no avail. She would comb one side, then go to the other and return to the same side again finding it tangled as I had warned her it would be. I watched her like a hawk as she then resorted to cutting my hair on the sides and front. (about 2-3 inches off). Then she went around the back where I could not see and cut the back of my hair. Finally, she put in the conditioner (leave in), raking it through. My hair felt healthy and light. She said it was a little short in the back. I have kinky hair, so I thought it was shrinkage. I washed my hair 5 days later finding that she had cut off 7 (seven) inches of my hair, about 7 years growth. Why, I don't know, I just think she couldn't comb it and because she had ignored my instructions she could not comb it. I had asked for a trim, NOT A CUT. She had no idea how healthy my hair was, and it was very long and healthy, and I guess she assumed that because she couldn't comb it, it wasn't healthy! She cut the back COMPLETELY BLUNT! She did not graduate it, as is the natural growth pattern of my hair, so my kitchen, which is the shortest and driest part of my hair, dictated the length of the back of my hair, so the extremely long hair at the nape of my neck was cut to match the length of my kitchen (hair at the very top of my head) which is NEVER a good standard. It was totally blunt in the back and reverted my hair length back to 7 years prior. I was so upset and traumatized, I cried for two months, especially since my father had just passed away and it had been my dream to have long hair and I finally had it. As I am older, my hair is now graying, so it will never be the same again. I am growing my hair, but it is a slow process as I am in a winter city and breakage is a problem, so when I grow an inch, I have to cut an inch. My hair is still just at my shoulders where she left it six months ago. I was not happy. Curly hair is very particular to the individual and no one knows it all. I have had top stylists do my hair. The really good ones never cut it, they trim it about an inch in the natural, graduated layer pattern of the hair. They look at your face and do your hair in a new and innovative way that keeps the length if you just ask for a trim. This short cut was exactly the same as the persons who had referred me to this stylist and I found another person who had the same cut. The cut did not suit my face. My worst hair cut ever! I forgive her but I have not been so unhappy with my hair for years, in fact I can't recall a time when I was so unhappy with a hair cut.

Reviewed on 01.30.12

Stylist: Chrissa

Well, it took some ingenuity but I found Chrissa! I had to google "Where is Chrissa from Chill Salon" and boy am I glad I did. I found her and for the first time in 45 years had someone cut, style and educate ME on how to do my hair. I walked out of Chrissa's salon with a done do and didn't have to make any adjustments to it later. People complimented me on my hair and said, "I like your hair cut!" That has NEVER happened to me. Stylists have cut my hair after straightening it but NEVER have I ever had someone style it curly!!! I can't stop looking at it and appreciating it. She also showed me some new styling tricks for working with curly hair that I didn't even know. When she was done Chrissa gave me a big hug and I hugged her back saying, "I feel like I've come home." I have to drive 40 minutes to get there but it is soooo worth it. Thank you Chrissa, and congratulations on your new space, and God's blessings

Reviewed on 01.09.11

Stylist: Chrissa Morton

I have been moving from stylist to stylist for many years, growing discontented with ever finding someone who could cut my curly hair properly. I happened upon Chrissa Morton when she was at a salon in Belmont Shore. I was so excited to find her! She now has her own salon in Huntington Beach, which I felt was too far to drive, but I just realized it is worth it. The sheer misery and fear of getting a bad haircut elsewhere just is not something I want to do any longer. Her Huntington Beach salon is really soothing and calm and she has all of the right stuff (The Mixed Chicks, Moroccan Oil, DEVA products). She knows curly hair. I also blow out my hair straight half of the time and my cut allows me to go with either style effortlessly.

Reviewed on 02.13.10