Angus M Salon

Paul Mitchell
440 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

User Reviews

Stylist: Danielle Valiente

On a recent trip to Arizona I had my hair cut by a curly stylist highly recommended in salon directory. I saw the salon owner whose name was Danielle Valiente. She had great reviews and so I have popped in to see her whenever I travel to Phoenix for business. On my last visit she informed me that in addition to working in Phoenix, she would also begin working in Beverly Hills at the Angus M salon. I absolutely loved my cut, and she was very knowledgeable in dealing with curly hair. She was also very helpful in recommending products that would help me get better results with my curls. I found my experience with her to be fantastic and so when I heard she would be working in Beverly Hills I thought it would be great to post a recommendation. I have never tried any of the others listed in California, but I highly recommend Danielle. You will love her!!!

Reviewed on 02.16.10