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Stylist: Tania Martinez

Rating: Salon Rating: 2 Scissors

After reading reviews from yrs ago I decided to try. I left there very dis satisfied. Will not be returning. As for her hair being curly, yes it is and its not styled I should have went with gut instinct. Do not believe all you read on the internet if you did I am a French Model

Reviewed by dms on 1.17.14

Stylist: Tania

Well I am excited about going to this salon. I live in Sparta NJ and look foward seeing a hair stylist who works well with Curls ( Mine are 3B). This stylist only works there Wednesday-Fridays.

Stylist: Tania

Tania is the best. She's helped me tame my curly locks and I love her new location. Salon Violett is warm and comfortable. Everyone that works their is so friendly. Here's link to their website:

Stylist: Tania Martinez

I just want all you curly hair girls to know, I found the most amazing stylist. For the first time, I found someone who understands curly hair! Her name is Tania Martinez, (formally from Fuse Salon.) She is now located at Salon Violett at 3138 Route 10 West, Denville, NJ. (973)659-0050 :)