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  • 1544 Piedmont Avenue Northeast Ansley Mall
    Atlanta, GA 30324-5018
    United States
    (404) 872-9050
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User Reviews (1)

Stylist: Kim (he's a dude)

Thank G-D I found this salon. I've been to Kristen James (spent $300, wound up with streaky yellow highlights and an average cut), Malaika at Helmet (great haircut, until she butchered my bangs to look like her mod ones in the middle of my forehead), Jill at Adore (who is sweet but not a curly girl specialist) and some girl at Grow in Decatur who was horrible. My hair had gotten to the point where I could no longer make it curl/wavy/ do anything. It was stringy, it had been texturized with a razor (scandalous for a 2b!) and the only thing left for me to do was to take a flat iron to it. UNTIL.... My neighbor, who has straight hair, told me to try Salon 2000 at Ansley. I was skeptical because I saw nothing about their ability with the curl, but I figured I'd give it a try because the haircut was only $45. I am so grateful that I did. Kim is the owner of the salon and he knows what he's doing. He knew exactly how to cut my hair and get the texturized stuff out so that it could curl again. He did beautiful soft layers, did a great job on my bangs, and restored my curl back to its former glory! Now I can just stick some curling lotion in it and I've got a crown of curl. After this cut, I don't even have a fro. It's cut so well that the fly aways stay calm! Kim is truly a master and I can't believe he hasn't been recognized yet on this board. For my fellow 2bs, this is the guy for you. I felt pampered, lovely, and my hair looks amazing! And for $45, it's the best deal in town too. You can believe I've found my curly hair salon!