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User Reviews

Stylist: Barbara Taber

I have very frizzy curly hair and was looking for someone to cut my hair because it's very difficult to shape correctly. I went to Barbara last night and she's amazing . My hair has a perfect shape and the frizz is gone. I highly recommend Barbara if you have hair like mine. I have received alot of compliments on my hair today also.

Reviewed on 11.03.10

Stylist: Barbara Taber

Barbara is amazing! I have been to so many salons in my life, and I have never been happy with my curly hair. That all changed when I met Barbara. She knows how to cut, style, condition and everything there is to know about hair! I am so happy I found her, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants their hair to look the best that it can look.

Reviewed on 09.24.08

Stylist: Barbara Taber

I looked up on this site for a great stylist for curly hair. I went to Barbara and my hair has never looked better! She took time out for me to show me how to style my own hair at home. Finally, I am getting used to that process and my hair looks GREAT! I knew that it was a good cut when I went clubbing last night and some random girl with curly hair came up to me saying, "My hair is exactly like yours. But, I want it to look like yours. It's perfect." Thanks so much Barbara. You have yourself a new client :)

Reviewed on 12.09.07

Stylist: Aimee Cornwell

I have long, naturally curly hair that can get really frizzy and out of control. One of my friends recommended me to Aimee for cut, color and highlights, (basically the works.) I was a bit nervous because I just moved into town and was used to the way my other stylist back home did my hair. I have to say that Aimee did an awesome job...I have received so many complements for the color and the cut. The texture of my hair feels great and I love the way my color and highlights turned out. I definitely recommend her. She put me at ease and made me look and feel great!

Reviewed on 09.19.07

Stylist: Barbara Tabor

Barbara gave me the WORST haircut ever. I have been in tears and feeling sick to my stomach ever since I got home and took out the clips from my hair (she sent me home with). After reading the reviews on for her location in Woodland Hills I thought I would have my best haircut. I should have also read her reviews for her location in Beverly Hills. Barbara is very unprofessional and has too many clients and side jobs going on that she didn't make my first appointment. Why I made a second appointment after being stood up is something I will never do again with anyone. The second appointment (Barbara being 15 minutes late) I told her what I wanted and described the problems that I have with my hair. She said she understood and said she has hair like mine. I came home with a haircut that shows off the worst traits of my hair. I have a triangular haircut that is so unruly it looks like I need a haircut. It's straight in some spots, frizzy in others and curly underneath. This was a $75 mistake and I will never go back to Barbara again. She talked about her errands she had to run and how she was running late. She never took much time to look at my hair before washing it. She cut it wet, then was asking herself where some long strands were coming from when it was drying. Then she states she "does like to cut it dry, but it will look fine, if there is anything that needs to be done to let her know". I felt rushed and left with clips in my hair that was suppose to give me volume. My hair is so bad my husband even gives me hugs everytime I talk about my hair...instead of his usual "it's just fine hun!" statement.

Reviewed on 08.06.07

Stylist: LUANN

I just came from getting my curly hair styled and I'm so happy with the cut that I thought I would share my experience. Luann takes time asking you what type of hair style you want and then gives her recommendations and explanations. I've tried many stylists and finally found an excellent one. Her haircoloring expertise is a bonus. She rents a space so the cost is more reasonable. About $30 for a haircut. Also, a very nice person. Her private number is 818 723-4841.

Reviewed on 06.18.07


Barbara is an amazing stylist. I have never found anyone who took so much time with and interest in my hair. Even though she was busy, I knew that she really cared about making my hair healthier and easier to manage. she has a lot of knowledge about curly hair. I do not like to fuss with my hair. The way Barbara cut it, there is no need for me to spend a lot of time. If I choose to do nothing, my hair looks very nice right out of the shower. Also, she suggested a clear glaze which made my hair look shinier and healthier. I look forward to my next appointment because she is also a very nice person!!

Reviewed on 05.10.07

Stylist: Barbara Taber

I have been going to Barbara for haircuts for my curly hair since for at least 6 years. There was a time period where I went to other hairstylists just because of financial constraints, but Barbara knows my hair very well and gives me a great cut. This last time she helped me understand why I was dealing with dryness and gave me tips and product reccommendations to restore my hair to health. I love my most recent haircut so much. She really knows and understands curly hair.

Reviewed on 10.24.06

Stylist: Luann

Luann cut my fine, wavy hair. She cut just a small amount and reshaped it. Finally, a stylist that won't cut too much. I also didn't have to go home and start cutting my hair because one side was longer than the other. The cost is reasonable, $25. I gave her a nice tip because I was happy. Her private number is (818) 723-4841. Call that number.

Reviewed on 07.26.06

Stylist: Barbara Tabor

Barbara gave me the best haircut ever! Not only does it look great, but it s also super easy to fix in the morning. She was extremely meticulous and made sure everything was even and fell in correctly. When she was finished, she showed me how to take care of it and let me try a few spots. As far as the har color, I love it! I went in with dull, drab hair and left with soft, healthy, rich looking hair. I was hesitant and first, but she was absolutely right with what she thought needed to be done. I believe I have found a new hair stylist.

Reviewed on 06.29.06