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Stylist: Rick

I have seen Rick at Posh for a couple years, and he is just wonderful, though not CG, Rick himself is a curly and he is the first stylist, ever!, to encourage me to love my natural curls! He does a great job of asking questions and listening before cutting, and has always made sure that my style realistically fit my life and styling abilities (when I first went there and told him I was an air-dry only sort of girl, he was enthusiastic about the idea of embracing my natural curls, instead of telling me to get a blow dryer and/or flat iron). I have really liked every cut Rick has given me, and I would strongly! enthusiastically! recommend him to any curly girl in San Francisco who is not CG and not looking for a DevaCut, but who is looking for a great, talented, curl-friendly stylist (with an equally wonderful personality)! Additionally, Pam has done my color, very subtle blonde highlights, and I also think she does a great job. They are so perfect for my hair that I only have to get them updated every 3-4 months. So you can't go wrong with Rick and Pam at Posh!

Reviewed on 03.07.10