Studio 41-Ten

4110 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

User Reviews

Stylist: Sarah

I was completely delighted with my haircut. Sarah spent quite a bit of time discussing my needs and what type of cut would be best suited to me. I would definitely recommend her without any reservations. This stylist knows curly hair!

Reviewed on 12.31.10

Stylist: Sarah

I was looking forward to a cut from Sarah after the reviews I read here, but was disappointed. She used thinning shears to "break up the layers" in my hair. I know that's code for "screw up the curl clumping," but stupidly I let her. My hair has been a wreck ever since. She also didn't seem to understand how to style it; she disturbed it too much and it completely frizzed out while wet, and then tried to make it clump again with her hands, and sent me out looking, well, not good. I am extremely disappointed, and will not return.

Reviewed on 09.17.10

Stylist: Sarah Stanton

I was referred to Sarah six years ago by a curly-haired friend and haven't had anyone touch my hair since! I have fine curly hair that is often hard to cut, and Sarah has never given me a bad 'do. I've referred several friends to her over the years, and every one of them has had a great experience! Sarah has fresh ideas, remembers your hair and preferences, and simply has a special touch with curls!

Reviewed on 05.01.10

Stylist: Sarah Stanton

Sarah has been cutting my hair, my sister's hair and many of our friends' hair for years. She is an excellent stylist, and is particularly gifted in cutting curly hair. She is a down-to-earth, mellow person as well! If you feel like talking, she'll talk; if you don't feel like it, she won't push you. Her prices are always reasonable (and generally below what she COULD be charging). She is highly recommended.

Reviewed on 03.12.10

Stylist: Sarah Stanton

I am a guy with curly hair that grows in every direction. Most of the stylists I went to made me look like I got a bowl cut. Then I finally found Sarah! Sarah is fantastic at cutting curly hair. I searched and searched for someone who could cut my hair and make it look great. I tried several of the recommendations on and found Sarah Stanton years ago and never needed anyone else. She is fantastic at styling my hair so that it looks good when it is first cut and weeks later when it grows out. I have had long and short styles over the years and she has always made my mop look great (eat your heart out Patrick Dempsy). I highly recommend her to anyone with curly hair!

Reviewed on 03.08.10