At Last Salon & Spa

671 First Street
Lincoln, CA 95648

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Stylist: Susan Stoll, Owner

No one should be treated the way I was by the owner Susan Stoll, hairdresser Lisa Anderson and Kim Evans facial. I had been going to "At Last" since Nov and in May I experienced total NON PROFESSIONALISM from all 3. Starting with Lisa Andersen's INCOMPETENT dye job, and then her NOT owning up to her mistake and the owner taking her side even though she agreed with me regarding the time frame of last done, to cops being called out, all because I held them ACCOUNTABLE for their incompetence, gossip, disrespect and basically not being able to admit they were wrong, and I the CUSTOMER was right. So typical of today's society. But hey, as long as we are just numbers, and we have to deal with "supply and demand" and no one is ever held ACCOUNTABLE for their bad behavior, especially businesses, then what can one expect?.... and is why I am doing so right here!...And I will also be going to to the media, "CALL CURTIS" Lisa, dyed and cut my hair on a Thursday in May, while her mom and son were in her office as well and is why she was so distracted and incompetent. (not the first time either, she often is off in "wonderland") I had asked her, "TO PULL THE DYE THROUGH" as usual she gives me an excuse of why she isn't doing that, even though I have asked her to do so before, because I don't want "orange" hair. I decided not to argue with her and let it go, and see how it looks the next day. sure enough I didn't like it, too many orange hairs. I left a message asking if I could come in to have the ends done like she promised she would if I wasn't happy. I get a text asking if next Tues would be ok, I said, fine only to have her CANCEL a few days later, and change it to the following Thursday a week later. I show up Thursday to be all prepped then told it had been a whole month since I had last been in to have my hair dyed, and I would have to PAY another $100. I informed her I was juts in the week before, so she argued with me, both our voices raising and swearing. So, I decided to ask the OWNER SUSAN, to look at my "ROOTS" and tell me how old they look, she agreed with me 1/2 weeks to 2...(my hair grows fast) does she tell Lisa, i was right nope, she later taker her side. I tried to "reason and use logic" with Lisa after I sat down and she was doing my hair. I gave her many reasons why I was in last week, I told her I would go home and look for proof of payment for that day. I went home and could find NO PROOF of payment, which means she was so DISTRACTED by her family members, that she forgot to get my payment. So I called her right back told her we were both right in a way, and that I would give her a check when I saw her that night at an event we both go to. She refused my check that night and ignored me. The next day my facial lady KIM EVANS cowardly and without asking for my side of the story, drops me as a client as well and I am told I am never allowed back there again???...I tried to reason with the owner to no avail, she locks the door. I later went back to get try and KIM to HONOR a $40.00 coupon that I had never used, that was owed to me, after she ignored my text. I again get locked out, so I calmly waited as they called the cops out again, (another unprofessional tactic when those in authority are wrong,) they know COPS always take OWNERS of anything side.I calmly waited thinking the cops would "help" me with the "foolishness" these "business" people were displaying and their not honoring the $40.00....Nope, he turns it on me and says, "it is a CIVIL matter"...and there was no reasoning with him either, " So you are telling me you came out knowing there were NO THREATS or OUTBURST being made, for a civil matter only to waste everyone's time to tell me it is a civil matter?".... (I've called cops when renting rooms out for much worse and they would never come out for me??? I was confused) ...I asked, "you expect me to fight a $40. and spend over $100. to do so, that doesn't make sense" All the while he isn't listening, (yes a was frustrated and may have shown signs in my voice and body language) he is just telling me I have to leave or else he will arrest me, I'm not leaving when he says to so I am arrested, till I bailed out. I may be wrong, but I don't think so....where is the LAW that says, asking questions to a cop is BREAKING a LAW??? I really want to know why BULLYING is OK, when it comes to those who ABUSE their authority, like "AT LAST SALON in Lincoln Ca" did?...I really want to know? If one is SMART and respects themselves...not to mention all the LIES KIM SPEWS to promote her PRODUCTS is really laughable...she even sold me a DISCONTINUED product for eye lashes "LILASH" that was found to have bad side effects that she knew about, but never told me, and marked it up double the market price and wanted me to buy more. She also has a very short temper and would be "snappy" with me, not the best "bedside" manner.

Reviewed on 07.02.14


I gave this salon a good review a while back but I have to re-do. My cut was ok. But I started noticing some long pieces and the sides were off. Something was not right. And she will NOT wash and style unless you ask her to and that is extra money!! She is already expensive. That part I didn't like at all. The salon is small and not very up to date to say the least. I did not look forward going in because it's dark and depressing looking and if you're thirsty, bring your own drink because nothing will be offered here. I will not be going back. I found a new place that is bright and airy, you get treated like a queen and you won't be thirsty :) And you get your hair washed deva style and shown how to style it to get better curls. I will be posting on my new salon

Reviewed on 03.26.13

Stylist: Susan Stoll (Owner)

I have been going to Susan for just over 4 years now. I drive 80 miles to do so, and she's worth every one! When I started seeing her, I hated my hair simply because I had no idea how to manage it, nor had I ever found a stylist who could, either. The last stylist before I found her actually told me, "Well, I have one client with crappier hair than you." Can anything make you feel much worse? At almost 40 years old, I was feeling completely hopeless and had resigned myself to the fact that I would always have awful hair that would be clipped up, bangs straightened. As a last ditch effort, I found Susan on the Deva website and made an appointment... it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Susan has given me a true appreciation for the unique gift of my curls... she is a true curly girl cheerleader! I leave every appointment feeling gorgeous and lucky... and not a single day goes by now that someone doesn't tell me how much they envy my hair. Hair can seem like such a superficial thing, but it truly can be a souce of insecurity or pride. It's all in how you cut and care for curls, and Susan is brilliant at not only teaching you how to live with them, but how to love them and enjoy how special they are. She's more than a fantastic stylist... she's great for the soul! Love you, Susan! Toube

Reviewed on 05.05.12

Stylist: Susan Stoll (Owner)

This was my second time to Susan for a trim. She does the Deva cut - cuts hair dry and cuts each curl. She does charge extra for a wash and style. 20.00. She expects you to come in with your hair already styled and ready for the cut. I do miss the wash and style I got back in utah and that kind of turned me off the first visit. But... I did get a very good cut. I went back for a second trim 4 months later. Another good cut. So... I'm keeping her. She does an excellent job and just knows what she is doing. I trust her and that says ALOT! I'm going back for a pintura color. I will report back after that. The last pintura color I got was about a year ago so it needs it again. If you can get past the no wash/style without the extra $$, I would highly recommend Susan.

Reviewed on 04.22.12

Stylist: Susan Stoll (Owner)

Sacramento curly girls: The drive up to Lincoln is well worth it. I lost Beverly Neeland to San Diego again and fretted finding another stylist who understood curly hair. Susan is proficient in the Deva dry cut method and the Deva products which I love. I felt she was sculpting the shape of my cut so the curls would fall just right. She is also very good at finding the color that complements your coloring. I was very pleased with the result.

Reviewed on 02.26.12

Stylist: Susan Stoll (Owner)

Sacramento area curly girls: I highly recommend Susan for the Deva cut technique. I mourn losing Beverly Neeland back to San Diego and dreaded having to find someone all over again that knew what she was doing with curly hair. Tell her what you want and she will sculpture your hair so it forms curls in the right pattern. I know driving all the way out to Lincoln seems far but it is well worth it. She is also very good at helping you pick a color that will complement your skintone. Give her a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Reviewed on 02.25.12

Stylist: Susan Stoll (Owner)

I don't understand what the great reviews are about, but this is the WORST haircut I have EVER had! I would have rather gone to a supercuts and had a person trained in straight hair, cut my hair. Susan did cut my hair dry, but separated out each curl to teeny little strands, making my hair look as if it had been brushed out and super poofy! Then she sprayed my hair with a "new" product that didn't do anything to change the huge poof she had created, and told me she was done. It was a "beachy" look. (Riiiight. I lived at the beach before, it never looked like this). When I asked if she was going to wash it or at least wet it down, to make sure the curls curled up right, and to check for any odd curls, she said that was an extra charge. (WHAT?!! Isn't it standard to make sure that the cut looks right after it's been wet? Especially when you've just turned the nicely clumped curls into a frizzy poodle puff?!) Once she did wet it down, she smothered it with a huge glop of gel that made me look like a drowned rat, and left me to dry, while she got going on another customer. She didn't check any curls, as there nearly wasn't any (I'm normally a 3b/c)... and as soon as I walked out the door... my hair went straight into a bun. After a wash and style at home, it was discovered that she cut all of my curls at the weirdest places, making the ends of the curls lay out stringy and rather straight... as if they were in dire need of a cut! I ended up going to a bookstore, reading the Curly Girl book, learned how to cut my own curls, and went home to re-cut my hair myself (I couldn't afford to have someone else fix it. It was so horrible! Now, even though it's not perfect, I at least have ringlets, and curls everywhere instead of nasty strings... I will never EVER go back to her! I love my curls too much to ever let anyone mistreat them like that again. She definitely needs to be re-trained in the DevaCurl method.

Reviewed on 01.28.12

Stylist: Susan Stoll, Owner

I've tried everything and everyone for curly hair and spent untold amounts of money--including flying to New York and Los Angeles for haircuts--and without question, Susan has given me the best haircuts I've ever had. She follows the authentic Deva method and is gifted with an intuitive sense of style and what works best for one's hair and physical features. She's also very generous about showing me how to get the same results she gets. When I went for my second haircut and commented that I was still a little unsure about how to style it when it's wet, she said "let the cut do the styling." Sure enough, I had been trying too hard and doing too much! With Susan's cut, I literally only have to add some product and shake my head, maybe refine the placement of one or two curls. No, I'm not related to Susan, was not paid to say this, never met her until I was lucky enough to be referred to her by a curly-haired friend.

Reviewed on 10.07.11

Stylist: Susan Stoll, Owner

First dry hair cut ever. Susan spent over an hour cutting 'curl families' and I'm amazed at what just a trim did to the appearance of my hair, it looks so much healthier and I've had 2 compliments in one day. I've booked another appointment 3 months out and look forward to going back. Susan is very knowledgeable and was trained in New York. Highly recommend.

Reviewed on 03.10.11

Stylist: Susan Stoll (Owner)

I had my first Devacut with Susan this past weekend and what an experience! She spent an hour and a half on my hair cutting every curl individually so it lay perfectly on my head. I have never had anyone spend that long on my hair before. During my hair cut Susan gave me great tips of how to manipulate my curls to get the best results. And the best thing of all is that you'd think this hair cut cost $100 because of the time and care she took with my hair, but it was only $65. To some this may sound like an insane amount of money to spend on hair, however, when you take into account the fact that she spend such a long time on my hair and made sure every curl lay exactly where it should to complete the overall shape of hair I wanted, it's NOT bad at all!! I highly recommend her to any woman or man who has any time of curly/wavy hair, she did a fabulous job!

Reviewed on 02.01.11


I agree with the other reviews. Susan is top notch... great styling and care tips, excellent cut, LISTENS to what you want and delivers. Definitely need to schedule in advance (approx. 2 weeks is good). Personality/Service is "ok", but educational value and cut outcome are fantastic, which are more important to me that personality/enthusiasm/brown nosing.

Reviewed on 12.26.10

Stylist: Susan Stoll (Owner)

Susan is well trained and versed in doing Deva Curl haircuts. She takes the time to talk with you about your hair type and what styles will be good for you, and how the Deva cut works. When you call to make your appointment, she makes sure that you are familiar with the Deva method, and that you need to arrive with your hair air-dried without any product in it; so she can see the curl pattern and cut accordingly. The cut takes about an hour, and she does a great job. Susan also specializes in color and color correction, so if you have a need to have something 'fixed' she does an awesome job at that as well. She books about two weeks out for Deva cuts, and be sure to tell her you would like a Deva cut when you call.

Reviewed on 04.29.10

Stylist: Susan Stoll, Owner

Susan is awesome!! This is the first real hair cut I have had since 1991, I have had some major botch jobs and just didn't want to go there again. She herself has curly hair and knew how I felt. She made me feel very comfortable, gave great advice and the best haircut!! She is Deva trained and has been doing it for around 3 years and a stylist for 28 years. I highly recommend Susan to anyone and everyone!!

Reviewed on 03.31.10

Stylist: Susan

Susan is the only Deva trained stylist in the entire Sacramento area! I just found her by searching the Devachan website. I had been traveling to Madusalon in San Francisco to get my hair cut by Deva trained stylists, they were great, but now I don't have to make that long drive! Woo Hooo! She gave me a great dry Deva cut on my shoulder length 3b/c hair yesterday! She asked my about how I wanted my style and gave suggestions. I highly recommend her! Finally, a curly expert in town!!

Reviewed on 03.17.10