Paul Mitchell Focus
1810 29th St. ste 2000
Boulder, CO 80301

User Reviews

Stylist: Robin Laurel

Robin was inattentive and didn't seem like she cared. She also BLOW DRIED ME without any product, while rubbing my hair. I came out looking like a tortured poodle. No one who works with curly hair should EVER do that.

Reviewed on 03.29.11

Stylist: Caitlin

Oh goodness I love Caitlin! First off she is super fun and sweet, but most importantly she gave me the best A-line/ Wedge cut(longer in the front shorter in the back). I was so worried I would end up looking like a strange hybrid of a poodle and Kate Gossling but no it is amazing! The atmosphere is nice and relaxed with a clean spa feel. They have a conditioning lather bar that you can ask for when they shampoo and the scalp massages are to die for. Not to mention the leave in conditioner she used made my hair baby soft and smelled delicious. :) I also appreciated that she asked me how I style my hair and what products I liked because I like my routine and I know my hair really well. She also turned me on to an amazing mouse that smells like coconut. My curls have never been happier! HUGE fan of FIX!

Reviewed on 12.08.09

Stylist: Jennifer

I use to struggle with my curly hair issues up untill now! Jennifer from Fix is amazing with curly hair. She gave me the best haircut I have ever had. She is amazing and I highly recomend her to anybody curly haired or straight. Thank you Jennifer!!

Reviewed on 06.30.07

Stylist: robin Laurel

I spent my youth trying to straigten my hair by ironing it and then kept it short for many years. Then I found Robin who does such a beautiful job that I now forget all the fussing and just let it go. Yay, Robin!

Reviewed on 05.07.07

Stylist: Robin Laurel

I have naturally curly hair that has been a challenge to many hairstylists. Then I found Robin...23 years ago. I've followed her to every salon she has worked at, and now she has her own. I would heartily recommend Robin for anyone with curly hair (or just hair)!!

Reviewed on 11.11.06