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User Reviews (24)

Stylist: Robin Laurel

Rating: Salon Rating: 2 Scissors

Robin was inattentive and didn't seem like she cared. She also BLOW DRIED ME without any product, while rubbing my hair. I came out looking like a tortured poodle. No one who works with curly hair should EVER do that.

Stylist: Caitlin

Oh goodness I love Caitlin! First off she is super fun and sweet, but most importantly she gave me the best A-line/ Wedge cut(longer in the front shorter in the back). I was so worried I would end up looking like a strange hybrid of a poodle and Kate Gossling but no it is amazing! The atmosphere is nice and relaxed with a clean spa feel. They have a conditioning lather bar that you can ask for when they shampoo and the scalp massages are to die for. Not to mention the leave in conditioner she used made my hair baby soft and smelled delicious. :) I also appreciated that she asked me how I style my hair and what products I liked because I like my routine and I know my hair really well. She also turned me on to an amazing mouse that smells like coconut. My curls have never been happier! HUGE fan of FIX!

Stylist: Krystal

It was an absolutely horrible experience! I worked with a young girl, Krystal Toyer, and yes I mean girl, to do a simple trim up job on my wavy hair. She seemed disoriented and inexperienced. She spent most of her time chatting with co workers instead of paying attention to my needs. To top it off, it is the worst haircut I have ever had! I have been reduced to wearing a hat and being embarrassed at my job. Is she good with color? If you want your hair granny purple, as opposed to red! This girl needs to get in check and go back to school. I heard she was let go and I am hoping this is the case for everyone's sake. Next time I will just go to cost cutters for mediocre hair care with an attitude. She dressed completely inappropriate. This is a business, not a strip club. Thanks for nothing.

Stylist: Ricky

I would NEVER recommend that anyone with curly hair see Ricky. I went to see him about a year ago because he was so highly recommended on this web site. What a mistake! I just needed my gray hair covered and asked him to match my natural hair color. My hair ended up black and my natural hair color is a medium brown. Do not have him color your hair, especially if it is curly. He does not know what he is doing.

Reviewed by RobinK on 5.22.09

Stylist: Ricky

I always go into a new salon with my fingers crossed. Ricky did a GREAT job. He listened to what I wanted, and offered his professional opinion which helped me make a great color decision. I went to him for a color and cut (I got his name from this site). I went in to try to recover from a Great Clips cut a few month prior. I was hoping for a wonderful haircut, which he definitely delivered. He made my hair beautiful again. I wasn't sure if the Curl God would be a good colorist, but I am so happy with my color. The highlights he put in add great dimension to my color, but they are so subtle that anyone will think it is natural. To top it all off he was a pleasure to spend time with! As for the Salon itself, everyone was so relaxed and friendly. I will definitely return to FIX!

Reviewed by Lilit on 12.30.08

Stylist: Ricky

It will now be a little harder to get an appointment at FIX because everyone that sees my hair LOVES it and wants to go have Ricky work his magic! I had to have some serious color correction after a previous stylist at another salon made me look like a calico cat. Ricky was so calm and reassuring. My cut is the BEST cut I've ever had! My curls bounce when I walk. Love, Love, Love my new hair!

Reviewed by jennyd on 11.10.08

Stylist: Ricky

I would NOT recommend Ricky. I went to him twice. The second time was worse. I have wavy hair and he cut way too many layers on teh sides of my hair, and did not blend the shortest layers so it looks like a pyramid. I told him in detail that I wanted the length to grow, and to grow out some of the layers I pointed out. He cut it dry and I was left with the same haircut only a lot shorter. He did not clean up my layers and left them looking flat and like they were not blended at all. The weird thing is that he seemed to be listening, but he completely wasn't. If he was I wouldnt end up with a head full of bulky and shirt layers. I want to call and have someone else fix it but I dont think I want to drive all the way to Boulder again to end up with another bad head of hair.

Stylist: Ricky

I anxiously awaited my first appointment with Ricky, based on reviews here. I went and I absolutely LOVE my hair!! Ricky did a wonderful job and I am very happy. The price is expensive though, I paid a total of $243 (with product purchase), but I guess you get what you pay for! He is awesome...

Reviewed by cynrey on 8.27.08

Stylist: Ricky

By far the best haircut my curly hair has ever received. Ricky was wonderful:) He knew exactly how to cut my very unruly mop, and styled it perfectly. He knew the curly hair secrets of putting clips in my hair while it was drying for added lift and defintiion, he also knew not to use a blow dryer to dry my hair. My hair has never looked better!!! To anyone in Colorado with curly hair go see this man, he is the bomb!! Thanks Ricky, I love my new hair do!! To thank you for helping me find a great salon and a great hairstylist.

Stylist: Ricky

Once again I was amazed by Ricky yesterday. I gave him an idea and he gave me a wonderful cut and color that everyone loves! After spending 2 hours on my hair to get the color right and the layers perfect he blew it out for me (which took another hour b/c my hair is sooo thick). He also encouraged me to get a semi-permanent color, saving me a bunch of money and leaving my hair very smooth! 3 Hours was well worth it. I like that he takes the time to get things right and doesn't rush anything. Even the shampooing is done slowly and carefully-and is my favorite part. If you've got curly hair, you MUST try Ricky!

Stylist: Ricky

Ricky was recommended by a friend of mine who also has curly hair. He is very good at what he does! When he straightens my hair it looks AMAZING! In the past when I had my hair straightened it was very frizzy but when Ricky does it, it looks like Jennifer Aniston's!

Stylist: Ricky

Ricky is the best! You have curly hair, go to Fix and make an appointment with Ricky. In the 9 years I have live in CO, I have been to more salons than I would like to remember. I have spent more money than I would like to remember! Ricky, $55.00 and he is worth more!

Stylist: Ricky

i have had some bad cuts in the past and wanted something new stylewise. I told Ricky I didn't want to go too short but not leave it longer either - He listened and right away had an idea. I left the salon loving my cut and the products that he showed me!

Reviewed by Guest on 12.4.07

Stylist: mary

Absolute Butcher! She was so incompetent I walked out in midhaircut. It took 12 weeks to grow to where I needed the length trimmed.

Reviewed by Guest on 11.14.07

Stylist: Ricky Bell

He immediately put me at ease, answering all my questions and giving advice. I've never felt so relaxed getting my hair cut. Perfect with color, perfect with cut. Just call and make the appointment. 303-442-4247

Reviewed by Guest on 11.1.07

Stylist: Ricky

I went to Ricky based on the recommendations here on I wanted to go short and I wanted to be sure I went to someone who knew what they were doing if I was going to cut my hair short. I've had some horrible haircuts from those stylists that have no clue how to cut curly hair. Ricky did an AWESOME job. I get so many compliments on the cut and I just love it. It's short without being poufy, puffy, frizzy, or poodle-like, and easy to care for. Ricky knows what he is doing, I highly recommend him!

Reviewed by Guest on 9.10.07

Stylist: Ricky

I had not cut my hair for a few months as I had "grown out" of my former salon. So I was nervous to embark - yet again - on another - who can cut my curly hair mission. I work and shop near the Salon Fix and did a little research...and NO WAY - found the curly expertise of Ricky to work on my hair. Not only is he a sweet, soft-spoken man, he is an awesome Master Stylist and artist at what he does. My drab over-colored fuzzy hair was transformed into a managable, magnificently colored mane! With confidence I booked my next two appointments! Christina

Reviewed by Guest on 7.8.07

Stylist: Jennifer

I use to struggle with my curly hair issues up untill now! Jennifer from Fix is amazing with curly hair. She gave me the best haircut I have ever had. She is amazing and I highly recomend her to anybody curly haired or straight. Thank you Jennifer!!

Reviewed by Guest on 6.30.07

Stylist: robin Laurel

I spent my youth trying to straigten my hair by ironing it and then kept it short for many years. Then I found Robin who does such a beautiful job that I now forget all the fussing and just let it go. Yay, Robin!

Reviewed by Guest on 5.7.07

Stylist: Robin Laurel

I have naturally curly hair that has been a challenge to many hairstylists. Then I found Robin...23 years ago. I've followed her to every salon she has worked at, and now she has her own. I would heartily recommend Robin for anyone with curly hair (or just hair)!!

Reviewed by Guest on 11.11.06

Stylist: robin

A great hand with curly hair. Brought my curls back to life. Others need taming and she does that too. And in a fabulous new salon!

Reviewed by Guest on 10.28.06

Stylist: Ricky Bell

I had recently moved to Colorado and was really nervous about finding a new stylist. I attended the grand opening party at 29th street mall in Boulder, and met a group of stylists out introducing themselves to the public (they were all from FIX the salon there) I got to talking to Ricky and found him to be a great fit for my thick curly hair. He not only tammed my frizzy hair, but also taught me how to do my hair myself, which i have always struggled with.

Reviewed by Guest on 10.19.06

Stylist: Ricky

So I have that curly hair that straight haired people would even hate, always doing it own thing and very frizzy. Over the years I have gone to anyone and everyone that works with curly hair (never had luck) a few days ago I went to this new salon in boulder Called FIX. CAN YOU SAY WOW!!! Ricky talked me out of doing a relaxer and showed me how to wear my hair short w/out looking like I have a bubble. He used all Paul Mitchell on me and not only did I leave there happy, but I left there with the know how to keep my hair like this at home. He did a great JOB. Thank you so much Ricky

Reviewed by Guest on 10.18.06

Stylist: Ricky Bell

I recently moved to Boulder and did not know where to go to find some one who could do black hair. I found a wonderful man at a brand new salon in the new Twenty Ninth Street mall. He did wonders with my locks and was nice to boot. I am very happy and will return to Ricky at FIX! It is an awesome, high tech salon. Never seen anything like it!

Reviewed by Guest on 10.16.06