Aveda Academy

10636 82 Ave NW
Edmonton, T6E 2A7

User Reviews

Stylist: An Irish Dude

I went in for a complimentary wash and style.  Knowing that they're products are all (or mostly) natural, I didn't think twice.  As far as I know, the people who work there are students learning the trade, which is fine...normally... My hair is 2b/2c on a good day, and I asked for "as curly as you can make it!" I think my hair was curlier before I walked in...I may have had 2-3 inches of curls from the bottom, and the rest was STRAIGHT. My "stylist" didn't use a flat iron (ok, cool; good, I guess?) and instead frizzed my hair using a blowdryer and small curl brushes which got tangled in all the frizz and I'm sure I lost A LOT of my VERY THIN, BABY FINE hair. *sigh*

Reviewed on 08.04.15

Stylist: Ashley

Based on previous reviews I went to see Jodi. She is lovely, but the technique she used is for cutting straight hair (sectioning, combing out, trimming the ends). I have been trying to grow my hair for a year or so and she cut it to the nape of my neck at the front and kept the length in the back...resulting in a sort of mullet. I cut the back off myself at home so it was all one length (single tear..), and went back the next day to see Ashley. Ashley was not only willing to cut my hair dry but offered a couple of techniques to do it. The first was the technique Jodi had used the previous day, the second was just picking up individual pieces and cutting down the length of the hair to achieve the shape I wanted all over. I chose the latter, and she cut my hair into a funky, fun, cut with layers all over. She washed it, applied product, diffused it and styled it until I was totally happy with the way it looked, rather than the, "You might style your differently at home, so go ahead and do that and come back if it needs fixing..." Nope. She styled it to my satisfaction right there, cutting bits here and there to make the shape consistent with what I wanted. You know you like you haircut when you admire yourself in shop windows you pass by immediately afterwards.

Reviewed on 07.28.12

Stylist: Jodi

The salon has a very nice interior and a welcoming atmosphere. The stylist (Jodi) had a very good understanding of curly hair and cut it just the way I needed it cut. She also knew how to dry my hair so it wouldn't frizz. That was the first visit I had at the salon. The next visit the stylist was also very nice but she had a little less understanding of curly hair but still cut it well, however my hair did frizz with her drying technique and the products she used. I will definitely go back again, especially for the price which is quite good but I will ask fro Jodi.

Reviewed on 12.26.11

Stylist: Jodi

I have very thick hair with big curls that hasn't been cut in almost a year (due to a combination of growing it out, moving around a lot and being a poor university student). I read good reviews for this salon and they are very near to my university, so I tried it out and really loved the place! My stylist talked about how much she loves curly hair, how the academy had trained them to cut it totally different than straight cuts, and how straightening irons are way overused. She washed my hair to trim it, then rewashed and diffused it in order to cut it into a style that really works with my curls. It looks great, and this is the first time I've ever walked out of a salon with curled hair, instead of the stylist automatically drying and straightening it. Hurray! The staff were very friendly, and service includes free tea or coffee, a head massage and make-up application if you're interested. The cost for me was about $50, but you have the option of going to one of the academy students instead, which will cost about $10 less. I give Aveda Academy a high recommendation!

Reviewed on 03.24.10