Spiral Evolution

2130 Vickers, Vickers & Academy
Colorado Springs, CO

User Reviews

Stylist: Nicole

I went in for my first devacut and it was the best experience! I got a cut because my ends were terrible!! And I left feeling so refreshed my ends looked so much better and my hair overall! I highly recommend Nicole she made me feel so comfortable and she has such a great personality.

Reviewed on 04.21.18

Stylist: Nicole

This lady is the best. I have curly hair and she does a great job. She cuts and does color really well. My boyfriend has straight hair and she gives him the best cut. I would recommend her to anyone.

Reviewed on 08.26.10

Stylist: Nicole

Part of the reason I made an appointment with Nicole was the great reviews I read here, and I am SO glad to be able to add another! Nicole is amazing! I was so confused with my hair; it was trying to be curly and was utterly failing. I walked out of Dio with more beautiful curls than I could have imagined, and a new, positive outlook for my hair future! She knew just what my hair needed and pointed me in the right direction! And the best part is they're very environmentally conscious and carry great product lines that are organic as well as free of sulfates, parabens and many other things we would all gladly leave out of our hair products! Thank you so much Nicole! It's a wonderful feeling to have someone you completely trust with your hair!

Reviewed on 06.27.09

Stylist: Nicole

I have seen Nicole 3 times for a longer style, which she did perfectly. This last visit, I saw a picture of a short style that was straight, and asked her about it for me. She said "Sure!" and proceeded to give me a fantastic cut. I love it! She's a genius with curly hair,long or short.

Reviewed on 03.11.09

Stylist: Nicole

Nicole has "magic hands" when cutting and styling curly hair. I've gone to see her twice and both times she's done amazing things with my hair. She cuts curly hair dry so the final product is even and shapely. I'm completely satisfied with the results. My hair curls up and is silky, shinny and soft. Nicole has recommended excellent products for my curly hair and I'm very happy with them. Now that I've found her I'm never letting go. Nicole, kudos to you!!!

Reviewed on 01.31.09

Stylist: Nicole

I moved to Colorado from Chicago 6 years ago. I had no trouble with my curly hair in humid Chicago, but it's so dry in Colorado that I had trouble with it right away. I found Nicole and she's wonderful. My hair looks better than it ever has since I moved to Colorado. It helps that she has curly hair too because she understands what we go through. Nicole is the best!!!!!

Reviewed on 01.26.09

Stylist: Nicole

I found Nicole, compliments of this site, almost five years ago and we have been a team ever since. She is the only professional I trust with my hair. If gorgeous hair is your goal, I highly recommend Nicole.

Reviewed on 12.23.08

Stylist: Nicole

I have to agree 100% that Nicole is the gal to see. I'm a Colorado Springs-area native, and I've been to many of the high end salons around town. Nicole's the only person I've found who's comfortable dry cutting. I just go to the salon with my hair freshly styled the way I do it, and she goes to town! She listens to what works for me and adjusts to fit my needs. First appointment I had, I literally cried with joy. I'd never had a stylist who was HAPPY to diffuse my curly hair properly. It wasn't until then that I realized other stylists were just being lazy when they offered to blow my hair straight. Curly hair takes work, and Nicole is up to the challenge!

Reviewed on 12.04.08

Stylist: Nicole

I've always had trouble making my curly hair look the best it could be. Since I moved to Colorado, it has been falling flat & loosing curl. Nicole got it to the right length, showed me how to you a diffuser and the right product and it's looking alot better! Dio Salon is a relaxing atmosphere and the staff pamper you.

Reviewed on 10.20.08

Stylist: Nicole Lengerich

I was thrilled and nervous to find a referral to a stylist who atually specializes in cutting/styling curly hair! On appt day I quickly felt at home with Nicole (who is a curly girl too); she is so nice and talented, and took the time to answer my many questions. Best "do" I've had in many years! Liked the salon too - Dio is understated-classy but comfortable. Definitely sticking with Nicole!

Reviewed on 08.01.08

Stylist: Nicole Siri

I'm new to NaturallyCurly.com and loving your help in finding curly hair stylists at home and on the road. In Colorado Springs Nicole Lengerich at Dio Salon has a beautiful head of curly hair herself and knows how to style it. Dio Salon is comfortably posh and easy to reach just north of downtown.

Reviewed on 03.05.08

Stylist: Nicole

I just found out Nicole has moved to Dio salon from Veda! I would be lost without her. 719-577-4346

Reviewed on 11.24.07