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User Reviews

Stylist: Najiba Benbatoul

This is the only hairdresser I will go to and for good reason, she is talented, kind and manages her own studio which I respect immensely.  She helped me discover that what I thought was frizzy hair could actually be beautiful waves or curls with the right care and cut.  She has maintained my color expertly and always has the best suggestions for changes to beautify me and this is important because I need color every 2 to 3 months to keep up with my rapidly greying hair.  On top of her professionalism and knowledge she is also one of the kindest, most authentic women I've been fortunate to know.   

Reviewed on 05.27.17

Stylist: Najiba Benbatoul

Najiba Benbatoul is the best hair stylist I have ever been to! Years ago I would to get my hair relaxed by Najiba regularly. I was always happy with the end results as I had beautiful, long, and healthy looking hair despite having a chemical treatment. While Najiba was on maternity leave,  I tried other salons which never had my hair looking as great as it did when Najiba did it. Around this time I made the decision to grow out my natural hair by no longer getting relaxers. I also began hiding my natural hair under extensions as I didn't understand how to care for it and couldn't find any salons/hair stylists that understood how to take care of my curly hair. I am SO happy that I found Najiba again! It was great seeing Najiba again as she is not only a great hair stylist but she is truly a genuine person! I explained to Najiba that I no longer wanted a relaxer in my hair but I wanted something that would make it easier to manage ( I'm a college student and I don't have much time to spend on my hair) . That is EXACTLY what Najiba gave me! She recommended the Rusk Anti-curl for my hair and it was the answer that I have been looking for all of these years! My hair is much easier for me to manage and it looks so healthy! I was also able to maintain my thickness and fullness and yet still have MUCH manageable hair . Najiba has really given me hope for my hair ! She really listens to her clients when it comes to what they want and she delivers !! She understands ALL hair types. I'm so happy to have Najiba as my hair stylist again! I won't be  trusting anyone else with my hair ever again ! :)

Reviewed on 10.07.14

Stylist: Najiba Benbatoul

I recently discovered Najiba when a friend of a friend recommended her and she is the best stylist I've ever had! She (and her daughter) have natural curls and she really understands them. She does my color, cuts, and updos and I hope she continues to for a long time!

Reviewed on 06.13.14

Stylist: Najiba Benbatoul

Najiba has been doing my hair for the past 15 years. I started out going to her for updo's but soon after had her cutting and coloring my hair as well. Once I had started getting my hair colored by Najiba, I started getting so many wonderful comments about my color that I knew I could never go to anyone else. Najiba is absolutely wonderful at coloring and cutting hair! She cares about what is right for your hair and makes it look beautiful. And to top it off, her personality is amazing! Thanks Najiba for being such an amazing hair stylist and friend!

Reviewed on 10.14.13

Stylist: Najiba Benbatoul

I am so happy I finally found Najiba again! While she was on maternity leave, I regrettably tried another salon touting its stylist as a "curly hair expert." After spending more money and much more time (2 tries at hair coloring...6 hours total!), I realized again how much I truly missed Najiba. A curly girl herself, truly understands the problems and issues associated with curly hair, and is an expert at cutting, coloring and styling curly hair. Most importantly, Najiba takes the time to really talk with her clients, LISTEN, and offer on-the-money advice and suggestions about what would work with her clients' hair length and texture. Her hair always looks amazing, and thanks to her, mine does too...many thanks, Najiba! Here's to many more years of looking and feeling great thanks to your expertise!

Reviewed on 11.23.10

Stylist: Najiba Benbatoul

I haven't gotten my hair cut by anyone but Najiba for over 5 years, she is the best when it comes to cutting curly hair (unruly curly, the kind that has a mind of it's own). I have always allowed her to do pretty much whatever she wants and every time it always comes out looking great! People (with curly hair especially) stop me in the street to ask where I get it cut, and I will always recommend highly that they visit Najiba, she'll listen to exactly what you want, and then you'll always walk out with a smile and a hug from the best curly haired hair stylist ever :) Thanks Najiba, for understanding curly hair so well!

Reviewed on 04.03.10