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Stylist: Robert

I went to Robert a couple months ago to get my long and curly hair updated, cut and styled. I was pretty open to whatever, so Robert took quite a bit of the length off, which was great!!! I had him style it straight, so it wasn't until I styled it curly myself the next day, that I realized that my hair was a little too bulky at the ends. BUT...I made an appointment to go back and Robert was very very friedly and was more than happy to cut my hair the way I wanted. For the last couple of months, I have found that I like my hair better straight, and the way that Robert cut it, my hair looks so cute straight and is extremely easier to straighten with the layers that he cut. Now that it has grown out a little bit, I wear it curly once or twice a week and it looks great that way too. It cut my hair in a very stylish and hip way so either way that I wear style it, it works!! I received so many compliments after Robert cut my hair, especially my bangs!! He did a great job and I would recommend Robert, the artist, to anyone with curly hair. He really knows how to pamper and take the time needed with his customers.

Reviewed on 06.24.08

Stylist: Kent/Colleen

I 1st went to Kent b/c of these reviews-back in '06. I wrote a good review and then my cuts w/him were never consistent, and progressively getting worse. So, I switched to Colleen who I tried a few times and also never gave a consistent cut. The last 2 cuts I got from her left me w/pyramid head. I asked her to fix it this last time and she made it worse by cutting the wedge in my hair even shorter. Since she blew it straight I didnt know how it looked till I styled it this morning and it looks dreadful. When I was in the salon a woman who had just got cut by Colleen also had a wedge in her hair. I should have walked out right then. Now my hair is sl unmanageable I have to get it fixed at another salon, and pay even more money. I wont go back to have Colleen recut it because she obviously cuts hair one way and doesnt assess your individual hair. The worst part is being told by her that the rerason why my hair looked the way it did was because it was the way I was styling it, or because thats just the way my hair is. BS!! Its all in the cut. I will never go back here again. My hair looks likeA 2 IN 1 CUT-A LINE BOB. HORRIBLE!!!

Reviewed on 04.09.08

Stylist: Heather

Heather is my curly girl at Metafolics, and I highly recomend her. I have very long and thick wavy/curly hair, and usually end up with really choppy layers that look like a shelf. But Heather cut my layers in way that made them blend really nice and pretty, plus with the new layers I can finally get some volume and curl at the top of my head! Also she didn't cut too much off the length, which is important to me, and rare in a stylist. And being that Metafolics is the best curly salon arround, she knew all the tools, tricks, and products to give me. Heather's great, I finally love my long curls!

Reviewed on 04.03.08

Stylist: Kent

The reviews are absolutely true, Kent is a great stylist. My hair is so light and curly-and the curly hair "shelf" is gone. Kent really took the time to listen to my hair concerns and went out of his way to explain his cutting technique and the products he was using. He also showed me how to use the diffuser properly (I'd been using it the wrong way and getting the frizzies). If you're looking for a great stylist, Kent is it. Thanks Metafolics!!!

Reviewed on 03.07.08

Stylist: Kent and Carissa

This is a follow-up to a previous review. Kent has transformed the cut and shape of my hair. I am so in love with my curls now. I have found a stylist for life. Carissa has rescued me from an absolute color disaster. I turned my hair black with a $5 box of color from the grocery store, much to the horror of almost everyone I knew. I thought it would be a good color, but it washed out my skin, and then when it started growing out...well... let's just say it didn't once look "exotic" or "ethnic" like I'd hoped. What a mistake! ...Carissa performed a miracle - she stripped out all the black (which took two rounds of stripping, since I slathered it on so thick) and recolored my hair an absolutely gorgeous brown which is like my own color, just better. I am in awe of Kent and Carissa. They are my hairstylin' Dynamic Duo and I will never have any other stylists!

Reviewed on 11.15.07

Stylist: Kent

I've got super curly type 3b/c hair that has been, quite frankly, a pain in the butt since the day I started caring about how my hair looked (day 1 of puberty, basically). :) Unfortunately, all I've ever been able to do with it to keep it under control is put it in a ponytail.... *sigh* I was so tired of it! I read about Metafolics on here, and after lots of debating/thinking/polling my friends, decided to go in for The Big Chop. Set up an appt with Kent and headed downtown after work last Friday for my appointment. Even brought my best friend along for moral support! I have to say, Kent is a miracle worker. He was super honest with me ("Your hair type is the very hardest to deal with..." and "You're always going to have frizz. Deal with it.") which was a great dose of reality. Plus, he went on to condition and cut and style my hair GORGEOUSLY. I am so thrilled with my curly bob! It totally accents all the curlyness without being CRRRRAZY. I can now wear my hair down, without wearing it OUT at the same time. No more pyramid hair. No more straggly little mystery curls poking out at weird angles. just healthy, beautiful, bouncy hair! I love you Kent!!!

Reviewed on 09.24.07

Stylist: Lindsey

Lindsey is awesome! Last summer she changed my hair from brown to blonde & it looked totally natural! The cuts she gives turn my frizzy hair into supple waves that are easy to manage. She always pays attention to what I want and what will work with my hair-type and lifestyle and communicates directly to ensure we're on the same page. You should go see her.

Reviewed on 08.17.07

Stylist: Amy

I found Amy at Metafolics from this website. After many, many (did I mention many!) years of so-so haircuts and never really loving my curls, I decided to give her a try. I’m really glad I did! She really listened to me and made me feel good about my curls. Since my hair grows very slow she was careful not to cut too much off ; I actually had to go back and have her cut a little more - which was not a problem at all. I would highly recommend her and plan on having her cut my hair from now on. The salon is very professional and hip, but not stuffy. Everyone was really nice. I don’t feel like I have to straighten my hair to feel good about it. Bring on the curls! -Janelle

Reviewed on 06.22.07

Stylist: Kent

I wrote in in January after my first haircut with Kent. I have had three haircuts since then and have loved every one of them. Carissa does an awesome job with color, too! I used to hate my curls, and thanks to Kent, now I LOVE them!!!

Reviewed on 05.23.07

Stylist: Amy

I have been searching for the last ten years to find someone who could work with my curly hair; Amy is it. She asked me my history and with conversation and what seemed to me to be an uncanny sense of what I was looking for she worked her wonders. I would recommend her above all. I have never recieved so many complements on my hair and for the first time in my life someone asked if I had my stylists card!! GO GIRL YOU ROCK!!

Reviewed on 04.18.07

Stylist: Kent Larson

I took the advice of Denver curly girls and went to see Kent at Metafolics last week. Finally I am in love with my hair! Kent was remarkably patient, making sure my style would fit my life, and giving me all the tips I could handle for caring for my curls. The salon itself was wonderfully relaxing and the staff was incredibly nice. Metafolics' work is guaranteed as well, so that's a big plus! I will never visit another salon. Thank you Kent!

Reviewed on 04.09.07

Stylist: Amy

I just wanted to share with the world that Amy is the best stylist out there, I have been to many salons including people in Metafolics and have never walked out feeling like my curly hair is gorgeous and she made all of me feel gorgeous, that girl can work some hair like it's nothing. Try her and you'll be amazed!

Reviewed on 04.06.07

Stylist: Amy

I just wanted to share with the world that Amy is the best stylist out there, I have been to many salons including people in Metafolics and have never walked out feeling like my curly hair is gorgeous and she made all of me feel gorgeous, that girl can work some hair like it's nothing. Try her and you'll be amazed!

Reviewed on 04.06.07

Stylist: Kent or Jason

I originally started going to Jason based on the recommendations from this website and was incredibly happy with the results. Last time, Jason was not available to cut my hair so I gave Kent a try and am so glad I did. He did an amazing on job on my hair!! I strongly recommend either Jason or Kent. Carissa is also a great colorist at this salon. I always look forward to getting my hair done at Metafolics. It is a great salon where everyone listens to you and you leave a satisfied customer.

Reviewed on 03.24.07

Stylist: Colleen G.

I'm from out of state so I don't get to visit my regular stylist back home. Therefore, it has just been a drag trying to find a competent stylist in Denver who can conform to all of my picky hair needs. Finally, I've found Colleen from Metafolics who has a load of experience. She was able to cut my hair precisely to how I had asked and even pointed out what would be better. I would strongly suggest anyone visit her - especially the curly heads.

Reviewed on 02.18.07

Stylist: Kent

I decided to try Metafolics because of recommendations from this website. People used to tell me I had beautiful hair but I haven't heard that in years. I have been to numerous recommended salons but never seemed to get what I wanted. Kent gave me an AMAZING haircut. My wavy, sometimes poofy hair now has beautiful curls with great highlights. Kent's wife, Carissa, did my hightlights. They both asked a lot of questions about what I wanted and they were great listeners. Kent also took a lot of time to explain how to achieve the style he gave me. Kent's price was very reasonable. I highly recommend them to anyone....especially if you have curly/wavy hair.

Reviewed on 01.10.07

Stylist: Colleen Genovese

My hairstylist, Colleen Genovese recently moved from Rochester, NY to Denver, CO and now works at Metafolics. She has been cutting my hair for about 6 years and does a great job! I have naturally curly hair and in the years Colleen has been doing my hair, I have received so many complements. Not only does she know what she's doing, but she's a nice person too. My hair won't be the same - we'll miss her in Rochester - you're lucky to have her.

Reviewed on 10.23.06

Stylist: Colleen

Hi there, Colleen has been my stylist for 5 years in Rochester, NY. Now she is there with you.....SHE IS THE BEST. I have naturally curly hair and I am VERY picky about my hair....Colleen was very patient with me. Not only did she let me know how to work with my curl, through pregancy and weather, she taught me about the different products available to use on my hair, and she did all of this with a contagious smile!!!...I am sad she is no longer in NY, but I the skills she has taught me will be with me forever!!! I highly reccommend Collen for YOU!!!!

Reviewed on 10.10.06

Stylist: Colleen

Colleen has been cutting my hair for 6 or 7 years now. I have thick but not course hair that is fairly straight on top but curly underneath. No other stylist has ever had such an understanding of how to tame my crazy mane. She has taken me from super long and layered hair to gamine crops and everything in between. Never once have I been displeased with what she has done. She truly listens to what I want and tells me honestly if she thinks my requests are reasonable, given the texture of my hair. I live in a climate that gets very humid in the summer months and she has been able to recommend products that keep my hair smooth, without weighing it down. Whether I wear it straight or curly, my hair always looks good...I am constantly giving out her name to people who ask who does my hair. I truly sorry that I will be losing her here in Rochester. But my loss is Denver's gain...if you are looking for someone who can work with difficult textures or curls, Colleen is worth the visit. I hear she will be working in Metafolics Salon in Denver, Co.

Reviewed on 10.06.06

Stylist: Kent

I went to Kent for the first time based on the good reviews here- and he gave me exactly what I asked for. I felt comfortable when I walked in and they were accomodating. Kent listened to what I wanted and he offered great suggestions as to how to maintain my wavy hair. He was knowledgeable and spent time answering my questions. I am new to Denver and am very happy to have found a salon and stylist that knows what they are doing. It is very professional here and there is no attitude. I have found few stylists who can cut my hair well-and Kent really did a fantastic job. I would recommend all of my friends to come here. They do know wavy/curly hair. Thanks!

Reviewed on 08.09.06

Stylist: Amy

I just wanted to add Amy to the list of curl-friendly Metafolics hair stylists. I just moved to Denver and needed a haircut, so I decided on Metafolics based on all the good reviews. Amy knew how to work with curls and seemed refreshed by my pro-curl attitude. While I've had cuts I loved in the past, this is the first time I walked out of the salon with my curls beatifully styled instead of blown staight. Amy and the rest of the Metafolics staff made me feel like my hair was special and beautiful.

Reviewed on 08.05.06

Stylist: Kent

I have never thought of myself as being able to pull off a short hair cut. I have always had pretty big curly hair and every short do I had tried in the past always ended in disaster. Recently however I was reccommended to the Metafolics salon and was paired with Kent as my stylist. During the consultation I told him that with summer just around the corner I was interested in losing a little length but wasnt prepared to go crazy becuase of past experiences. Kent assured me that he would be able to thin my wild hair out enough to make a modern short look work for me. After a bit of convincing I let him work his magic and needless to say I was thrilled. I have never enjoyed my hair more. I couldn't have asked for a better summer look.

Reviewed on 06.22.06