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6407 Backlick Rd.
Springfield, VA 22150

User Reviews

Stylist: Rose

I have several curl patterns in my hair making it difficult to get a cut that doesn't look weird. I've decided to go take a chance here and happy with my choice. Usually I don't go to salons because I've had BAD experiences where heat was used and burned me and (a different time) hair was ripped out of my head. No one usually knows what to do with curly hair where I went.So I took a chance that maybe this time it will go better than before. It did! I'm beyond happy with the cut I got. My hair was pretty long and I don't use any heat. I was looking for a short hairstyle that was layered but low maintenance. Rose understood my struggles with the different curl patterns and cut my hair accordingly. She gave good suggestion and was overall friendly. We kept the length in the front and shortened the back.My main concern was ending up with poodle hair, and NOPE. My hair is happy curls. They're light and have movement. GUYS it moves in the back again. I'm not fighting my sweater to let go of my hair.If you go to this salon I recommend Rose, but I did ask and the rest of the staff also cuts curly hair. I haven't tried anyone else but considering the care they took and how comfortable I felt, I would trust a salon again.She even took the time AFTER my cut to cut the  back curls to match the length of my curlier curls. She knew what she was doing.Considering I don't post reviews, I wanted to let people know Rose is awesome. She listened to what I wanted in a cut and didn't go scissors happy.I'll probably return for another cut, the price was ok and the staff friendly. Definitely check it out and don't let the location put you off.

Reviewed on 04.04.15

Stylist: Sara

Sara gave me great layers in my 3a hair. She was extremely nice and also had her own hair styled in a curly cut. Although she said she has done dry cuts for some curlies, she cut my hair wet, and also combed it to put the layers in. My hair looks good now, but coming out of the salon it was a bit of a mess- once my hair gets combed, it needs a complete re-wetting for the curls to come back, which she didn't do. Nevertheless, I'd visit her again. It was a very reasonably priced cut and overall I am happy with my experience. Note: if you're sulfate/silicone free, you will want to bring your own products.

Reviewed on 07.28.12

Stylist: Torao Kubo

I've been searching desperately for someone who can not only cut curly hair, but cut ethnic hair and shape it in a way that it will look good when worn naturally. Isn't that the holy grail here? FINALLY, I found someone who understands. I found them through GroupON, so I got a super deal, but it would have been well worth the regular price (which is reasonable given the listings on the web site). My highlights are gorgeous and heavier at the ends so that you see them better (since you don't really see the roots much with curly hair worn naturally, especially short like I have it now). The shape is utter perfection. Just what I've been trying to replicate for years since I lost my favorite stylist. I won't say I've replaced her, but I won't say Torao is second either. I'd say I have a tie for the BEST curly stylists ever. I've found my new home in my neighborhood! I know I'll love my do for a while, but I'm still excited about the next time I get to go! Woohoo!

Reviewed on 04.17.10