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Stylist: Genevieve

Genevieve has moved to Juno!!!! On 8th and Lincoln. Im a 4a hair type, and she is great with it. The salon atmosphere and architecture of the building and decor is AMAZING. I absolutely love this place, and it's walking distance from my house.

Reviewed on 06.06.09

Stylist: Genevieve

I've been a client of Genevieve Rosemary for 4 years, and I have followed her from Metafolics to Moka, and now she's opening her own salon! I finally know what to do with my curly hair. Genevieve showed me the way to freedom. No more pony tails, chemical straighter, or fear of precipitation. She is a knowledgeable and talented stylist that can help even the most skeptical client achieve their full hair potential. I get compliments on my hair every day, thanks Genevieve, you rock!

Reviewed on 04.30.09

Stylist: Genevieve

Im an African-American with 3c/4a hair type, and she handled my hair with finesse and ease. The purpose for my visit was to "fix" the horrible haircut I'd gotten at another place. Anyway, she really knows how to handle curly hair. The salon exclusively uses Bumble & bumble product, a line exclusively marketed to curly girls. The way she detangled and cut my hair was not only effective, but pleasurable. I just remember her detangling my hair in small sections, and it just felt good and went so smoothly. Then when all my curls were situated, she went to work and knew what needed to be done. The end result was a wonderful, flattering cut. And I can't wait to return. Thank you, Genevieve.

Reviewed on 12.11.08

Stylist: Genevieve

I must say I was very skeptical of making the appointment because I have been dupped into believeing stylists who claim they had loads of experience with African American/Ebony hair when they didn't know what they were doing. Genevieve set me at ease right off. This woman knows her stuff! She turned my previous pyramid stiff helmet hair turn into a beautifully shaped curly head of hair with a style that accentuates my natural Ebony texture and the way my curls fall naturally. I love it and get compliments on it all the time. Genevieve has naturally curly hair herself and gives good advice on how to care for it when you're at home and between cuts. She listened to what I wanted and told me what was possible and what wasn't. She more than delivered! I got my hair cut in mid-March and it is now late-May almost time for me to get a touch-up but you wouldn't know it because my hair still looks fabulous. That is the mark of a true artist when the cut looks good from the beginning and grows out nicely as well. I am very happy with Genevieve and highly recommend her. If you have the kinkiest curls to the silkiest Genevieve is the one who should be taking care of them.

Reviewed on 05.22.07

Stylist: Genevieve

All my life I have been fighting with my curly hair. I thought the only way it looked good was if I straightened it. After my first visit with Genenvieve (at Metafolics) I was finally able to work with my curls and feel great about how I looked with my "natural" hair. So it was a given that I followed her to Moka and I highly recommend her for her talent and great personality!

Reviewed on 11.08.06

Stylist: Genevieve

I was reccommended to Genevieve by a friend who found her on this website. She just recently moved from Metafolics. My whole life I have struggled with my thick, course, unruly curls. Genevieve gave me a thorough conversation and a cut that actually had style! Then on top of that she took time to show me what products to use and styling techniques. For the first time in my life I can actually look like I do when I leave the salon on my own!!! Hands down best stylist I've ever seen!

Reviewed on 08.01.06