1988 Atwood Ave
Madison, WI

User Reviews

Stylist: Stephen

He is the best! I moved to Madison from CA, and needed to find a good stylist. It can be hard with curly hair! So I looked at all my classmates and found someone whose hair I really liked that was curly and well styled. I asked her who cut her hair, and she told me about Stephen, who was a longtime friend of hers. He was at a different salon at the time, but now is at Thorp's where he is an owner. It is a cool salon, in the great Atwood neighborhood. They have lots of natural and organic products, great decor, and discounts if you ride your bike in. And a great cut and style on top of it all! I can't say enough about him and it is so wonderful to see him in an environment that is as satisfying as his work. He is a good person to chat with, as he is involved in many eclectic things.

Reviewed on 04.18.10