Tony Cao Salon & Spa

1901 Long Prairie Road #260
Flower Mound, TX 75022

User Reviews

Stylist: Trini

I went to this salon to have my curly hair blow dried straight. I was quoted $30, and then during the service Trini tells me that it'll be $40 since my hair was so thick. I was so upset how they feel like they can increase the service price right in the middle of service. Secondly, as Trini started to blow dry my hair straight...her other scheduled client walks in (I had called 30 minutes prior to my arrival to schedule the appt, which makes me a scheduled appt too) and Trini tells me that she has to attend her other client. So I am just sitting in their chair with a brushed out fro!! So their assistant (some really nice guy, Kevin) comes by and finishes up the blow dry. I was so peeved about this and found the flip flopping between clients unprofessional and thought it was deceiving how Trini decides to change the pricing in the middle of the service. I should have just walked out, but I needed my hair done. Anyways, I would NOT recommend this salon. The salon looks very Nice, but I'm sure they spiffied up the salon to compensate for their lack of character and quality of service. Oh and my hair was FRIZZY straight. never going back to them!! THE ONLY THING I AM GRATEFUL FOR IS THAT SHE WAS THE ONE WHO KEPT TRYING TO PUSH THE OUIDAD HAIRCUT ON ME (i had never heard of this haircut till she brought it up to me that day). SO A FEW WEEKS LATER I DECIDED TO GET THE OUIDAD HAIRCUT AND KNEW FOR SURE THAT IT WAS NOT GOING TO BE BY THEM.....not with the way they do things there! SO I WENT TO THE STYLING HUTCH (who are ouidad certified and all about curly hair) AND THEY WERE AWESOME!

Reviewed on 01.29.11