Tivon Salon and Spa

211 Prices Fork Road Ste. 100
Blacksburg, VA 24060

User Reviews

Stylist: Teal

I saw Tivon Salon in passing one day and decided to check out the website. I called to schedule an appointment for a trim and thought the $32 price was kind of high. I stopped by the morning before my appointment to make sure I didn't need to prep my hair since I just wanted a trim. I was told not to do anything but show up. The staff is really pleasant. Teal was very nice. She complimented my hair and asked me about my routine. She actually shampooed and conditioned my hair before trimming it. After learning this was all included, I feel like it was worth the price. I also got 10% off with a coupon. I really had a great experience and I'll be back in the Spring for another trim. Honestly the massage that came with the shampooing was worth going back just for a good wash with Ouidad products every other month or so. They also have Moroccan Oil products, Bamboo, Redken, and other brands for sale in the salon. Let me state this again to really make the point. I have never had a stylist work with my hair and compliment it until after they were done. This stylist took the time to compliment my efforts to maintain and grow my own hair. That's a diamond in the rough. I can't stress how comforting it was to not have someone say "you need a touch up" or " um, what made you go natural, you have too much hair?" I heard none of that at Tivon. FYI The other stylists were nice too.

Reviewed on 12.16.12

Stylist: Ana McRoberts

I've used Ouidad products for years, but it's a bit like having the finest paints and throwing them on a sidewalk instead of a wonderful canvas, it just doesn't give the same result without the right haircut. So I anxiously awaited a stylist coming closer to my home here in SW Virginia. After driving forty-five minutes south to Blacksburg I met Ana, a Certified Ouidad Stylist and Master Colorist at Tivon Salon. What a change in my hair! She worked her magic, both with scissors and products. The results were immediate. The Ouidad cut is more expensive than other salon haircuts, but I only have to get it once every three months which is cost effective in the long run! Making the trip on a routine basis to keep my hair happy will be a pleasure. Vive Le Curl

Reviewed on 07.02.10