The Basement

13510 W 8th Avenue
Golden, CO

User Reviews

Stylist: Kristi

I too went to see Kristi based on comments on this site. She really does have a talent for cutting curly hair and will work with you to give you a style you enjoy wearing. The Basement really is in the basement of a house (walk around the back), but it's a very professional salon.

Reviewed on 04.27.07

Stylist: Kristi

I too found Kristi from this site. I have now visited 3 times and will continue to use her. For the first time in a LONG time I look neither like a pyramid head nor a poodle. I am very happy with her cut and she colors my hair too. I find her to be a listener and she takes her time. She is also reasonably priced, in my opinion. And her partner Marion waxes, so I am able to get my brows done at the same visit as well. This salon is in a basement of a home, I didn't know that the first time and thought I was lost. I find it very relaxing without the loud buzz of a traditional salon.

Reviewed on 01.31.06