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Stylist: Broadway

I know these reviews are generally good ones, but this is my recommendation NOT to have Broadway cut your hair. Other people had good experiences with other stylist. When asked what I wanted to have done, I explained how it had taken me well over a year to grow out my hair to the nice, long length that I had and wanted. All I was looking for was a trim to keep my hair healthy. I asked for the smallest amount possible to be cut. Broadway then suggested we cut the front pieces framing my face shorter so when I wanted to put my hair up, I could have these tendrils hanging down. Is it 1995 I thought? I told him I wasn’t a fan of that look and that if cut the same length as the rest, they would curl up shorter on their own, seeing as how it’s the curliest section of my head. Well before I knew it, Broadway had already cut a giant chunk out of the back section of my hair. Then of course it had to be “evened out”. I specified again not to cut the front shorter to make up for the rest of it being shorter. Well, I was talking to the wall. He lifted up a piece for the front of my hair and just chopped, short, just the way he wanted it. When all was said and done my hair that had just been passed my shoulder blades was now just barely passed my shoulders. In addition, I had these ridiculously short pieces framing my face that looked to be half the length of the rest of my hair. He even cut one piece on the side just as short, since he must have combed it into the wrong section. As I left, I was told I was “lucky” since I was being given a “special rate” since it was my first time there; and it would be my last.

Reviewed on 04.29.10