Ciana Salon

227 Plaza Central
Los Altos, CA 94002

User Reviews

Stylist: Venus

Venus understands my hair. i have semi-ETHNIC HAIR (curly dry and often crispy) and she takes me from fighting it to loving it. somehow she lets me keep it long without that rosanne-rosanna-danna look. for the first time i dont dread YES DREAD going to the hair salon. seriously i hated hair salons before finding ciana. they are actual humans here, and i appreciate that so much. i've paid a lot more for hair-cuts but venus at ciana is the best service and atmosphere that i have had. you can get your aveda products there, and venus will tell you what to get and what NOT to get (love that part). so if you can't tell, i recommend ciana, and i HIGHLY recommend venus. she is young and hip, caring, sensitive, beautiful, softspoken, sweet and very very talented. if you have curls, she TOTALLY GETS IT!

Reviewed on 06.05.10

Stylist: Lisa

O.M.G.!!! I really love getting my curls pampered by Lisa over at Ciana's. She not only did great assessments on the products my hair needed, but she also made me feel right at home as she cut and colored my stress away. A real jewel!!!

Reviewed on 05.08.10