Leigh Ann Hair Color Studio & Spa

9600 E Peakview Avenue
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

User Reviews

Stylist: Karin Perko

Karin is adequate at best with a giant ego. Her prices are way over cost the salon quotes you when on the phone, and she refuses to honor the quoted price. Beware if the owner believes you have money she will up the charges and have her stylist try to talk you into services that are not needed. I have been to a few salons in Colorado including Aspen, but Leigh Ann's should win the highest price, with the worst service. I would recommend cost cutters over Karin or Leigh Ann's, unless you like being over charged and under serviced!!

Reviewed on 05.13.11

Stylist: Tracy

I have had an ongoing unhappy experience here. I spent over $500 dollars when I went for my facial since the facial was way over the $50 certificate by the time I paid for the add-ins. But the worst part has been that I bought $488.88 dollars worth of skin care products before being told that there is a no return policy. I became allergic to the products 2 weeks after using them and had to go through allergy testing to determine the causing ingredients. I have had to wait for 2 months to get my old products replaced with new naturals ones. I was told when I picked up the new ones that they were more expensive but I wouldn't be charged extra. I asked for a receipt but was told there wasn't one. After researching the replacement products online I discovered that they are actually less expensive than the original products I bought and one isn't even the same type product. Now I'm trying to get the difference refunded to me with no response so far. This has been a very eye opening experience. All I can say is buyer beware.

Reviewed on 04.20.11

Stylist: Karin Perko

I have been going to Karin for 3 years (followed her from 2 previous salons!). She is great! She will talk to you about your hair, your expectations, etc. I have 3B/C hair and I do highlight it. My hair always looks amazing. I cannot recommend her enough!

Reviewed on 05.07.09

Stylist: Karin Perko

After 10 years of being unhappy with haircuts while living in CO, I went to Karin (pronounced like KArin, just so you don't feel dumb like I did calling her Karen!) today. She's very personable and knowledgeable. I will for sure be back! I thought since I hadn't had my hair cut for 6 months I would have to get a lot cut off (as all the previous stylists I've been to were apt to do). I left with a great cut! Thanks to everyone here who posts, I never would have found her on my own!

Reviewed on 07.26.07

Stylist: Karin Perko

Based on recommendations from this site, I called Karin and found that she has just moved over to Leigh Anns.I was very nervous about letting anyone cut my hair since I haven't had a cut since March 05. I've been trimming it myself and you know how that is! Karin sat me down, talked to me about the current shape my hair was in and what she thought it needed. She cut my hair dry! That was the first time anyone ever did that which told me she knew exactly how to work with curly hair. She snipped away and by the time I left, my hair was in fabulous shape! My husband commented that it looked healthier and fuller. I was so impressed with Karin, I booked highlights for next week. Im sold on her, I will follow her anywhere!

Reviewed on 01.07.07