Orlo Salon

34 Ganzervoort St
New York, NY 11011

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Stylist: Joe

Joe is Orlando Pita's senior stylist. When I visited, Joe was the last person to cut Orlando's curly hair. I have thick, loose curls. He looked at my hair dry, then cut it wet, section by section. As he did each section, he would cut it straight (combing it out) and then loosen the straightness with his hands to encourage the curl so he could see it curly. Because it was cut wet, and my hair has much more volume when dry, he seemed a bit surprised at its fullness after diffusing it dry. I mentioned that I need all my hair to go into a ponytail, but since he cut it wet, when some of the layers he cut are dry, they are a little short to fit in a ponytail. Nonetheless, I am happy with the shape, it looks fresh and sophisticated.

Reviewed on 12.14.11